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A Study on Doping Modification of Ultra-fine (Ba,Sr)TiO3 Series Capacitor Ceramics

Author: GuanHao
Tutor: HuangXinYou
School: Jiangsu University
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: (Ba, Sr) TiO3 Sol - gel method . Ultrafine powder BST ceramics Dielectric properties
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Barium strontium titanate (Ba, Sr) TiO 3 (BST) has many advantages , such as high dielectric constant , relatively low dielectric loss , low Curie temperature , has become the electronic ceramics the basis of the parent material of the components are known as the backbone of electronic ceramics . Over the years, the kind of material has become one of the hot research at home and abroad . This thesis by sol - gel method for the preparation of high purity and ultrafine (Ba, Sr) TiO 3 powder , thereby reducing energy consumption, and improve the performance of ceramic products and doped BST ceramics the miscellaneous modified broaden its performance to meet the needs of different areas . In this thesis, using citric acid - nitrate combustion prepared BST ultrafine powders by differential thermal - thermal gravimetric analysis ( TG - DSC) , X - ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy ( TEM ) and other experimental methods to study the phase and morphology of the powder ; citrate , pH, dispersant and heat treatment temperature on the performance of powder . The results show that : at pH = 7 , the heat treatment temperature was 800 ℃ prepared at the average particle diameter of about 70nm ultrafine BST powder . With BST ultrafine powder preparation technology , the use of citric acid - nitrate combustion prepared ultrafine powders doped BST BST doped powder preparation process through traditional BST ceramics further study of ultrafine grained BST ceramics preparation , analysis of the surface morphology and microstructure of ultrafine grained BST ceramic materials ; sintering temperature and doping on the the BST ceramic surface microstructure . Use of the YY2814 digital bridge measuring instrument , CJ2672 type withstand voltage tester TH2683 type insulation resistance tester to test the the BST dielectric properties of the ceramic sintering temperature and doping on the the ceramic dielectric properties and microstructure , discussed dopant doped modification mechanism . Obtained by studying the impact of different formulations and processes for the performance and structure of BST ceramics , has the best dielectric properties of BST recipe , its dielectric properties : dielectric constant of 3471 , and the dielectric loss of 0.0045 , compressive strength 6.38kv / mm, insulation resistance was 14.29GΩ · cm , volume temperature change was -41.06 % .

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