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Study on Effect and Microbial Characteristic of Pretreatment of the Water in Reserviors of the Yellow River by Constructed Wetlands

Author: ZhangHongYang
Tutor: YuShuiLi
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Municipal Engineering
Keywords: Constructed wetland Pretreatment Treatment effect Microbial properties
CLC: TU991.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Yuqing Lake Reservoir in Jinan, the research as the basis, respectively, the horizontal flow constructed wetland system, the upper and lower baffle wetland system and Table grit micro-polluted Yellow River water flow constructed wetland system Pretreatment investigated three sets polluted Yellow River water treatment effect on microbial characteristics of the wetland system. Field test shows: horizontal flow constructed wetland system for COD, TN, TP, NH4-N, NO3 - N average removal rate were 49.89%, 53.41%, 50.44%, 48.45%, 54.38%; upper and lower baffle artificial wetlands The average removal rate of COD, TN, TP, NH4-N, NO3 - N were 56.61%, 59.84%, 51.35%, 56.39%, 61.17%; surface flow constructed wetland system COD, TN, TP, NH4 -N, NO3 - N, the average removal rate were 40.26%, 48.24%, 43.84%, 41.94%, 49.61%. In general, the upper and lower baffle constructed wetland treatment was the best, followed by the horizontal flow constructed wetlands, surface flow constructed wetland treatment effect relative worst. By polymerase chain reaction - denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (Polymerse Chain Reaction-Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis, PCR-DGGE) investigated the diversity of microbial communities of the three sets of artificial wetland system, the results show that the upper and lower baffle wetland system, dominant flora the genus Vogesella, Microvirgula the case of Rhodoferax genera and Fulvimonas of the case; horizontal flow constructed wetland system, the dominant flora Cetobacterium is a, Thermofilum the case, Sulfuricurvum genera and Xylophilus of the case; surface flow constructed wetland system, The dominant flora mainly include Fulvimonas the genus and Salinisphaera the case. This shows that the three types of artificial wetland system is a significant difference in the structure and distribution of microbial populations. , But also reveals the variation of microbial community structure along the flow direction in the wetland system. Bacteria in the the three wetland system matrix separation, purification and screened five phosphate accumulating bacteria, 6 nitrifying bacteria and denitrifying bacteria. Phosphorus uptake rate of phosphorus accumulating bacteria in more than 48%; nitrifying bacteria nitrification rate of 3.03 to 3.04 mg · L-1 · d-1; the denitrifying bacteria denitrification rate from 53.47 to 61.12 mg · L-1. d-1. 16S rDNA sequencing has been filtered out of the 17 bacterial DNA sequence similarity search in GenBank, similar strains. The results showed that 17 strains of bacteria belonging to the genus Bacillus Delftia genus screened. Show that these two bacteria of the genus is widespread in the three sets of artificial wetland system.

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