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Discussion on Characteristics and Causes of Periodic Outbreak of Meadow Moth in China

Author: HuangShaoZhe
Tutor: LeiChaoLiang;LuoLiZhi
School: Huazhong Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control
Keywords: Loxostege sticticalis L. periodic outbreak population dynamic sunspot activity weather elements forecasting
CLC: S812.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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The meadow moth, Loxostege stictaialis L. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) is one of the major serious insect pests to the economic crops in the northern, northeastern and northwestern China. There have been 23 outbreak years since the establishment of P. R. China, and great yield and economic loss were resulted in during the outbreak periods. The cyclic outbreak periods were, however not well documented and characteristics and reasons for the periodic outbreak of the meadow moth in China have not been studied so far. In order to define the cyclic outbreak periods for the meadow moth, determine factors that may regulate its population levels, and improve the forecasting and controlling skills for this pest, the cyclic outbreak periods, weather factors related to the outbreak periods of L. stcticalis were studied though a two-years periods. The relations between the cyclic outbreak periods of the meadow moth and sunspot activity were also analyzed. This thesis is mainly focused on the periodic characteristics and causes of periodic outbreak of meadow moth in China, the major results obtained were as follows.It was documented that there had been three cyclic outbreak periods for L. sticticaIis since the establishment of P. R. China by analyzing the historical records in infestation areas and number of adults trapped by the black-light trap, combining the application of the cyclic outbreak theory and methods. They were the years from 1952 to1960, 1977 to 1986, and 1995 to nowadays, respectively. This conclusion was concomitant with the traditional viewpoints on the cyclic outbreak periods for L. sticticalis. Besides, our results also suggested that the outbreak period for the meadow moth got increasingly longer and the yield loss caused by L. sticticalis become greater and greater.Analysis of the relationship between the outbreak periods of meadow moth and weather elements in Kangbao county, Hebei province and Siziwangqi county, Inner Mongolia indicated that the outbreak periods of L. sticticalis were correlated to neither the yearly climate elements nor the monthly weather elements of June. The averaged temperature and precipitation of June in outbreak periods however, were greater than those elements in the silent period for the meadow moth. And the relative humidity of June in the outbreak periods was slightly lower than that in the population silent period. It was then concluded that weather element including temperature, relative humidity and precipitation volume were not correlated to the cyclic outbreak periods of meadow moth, although these factors were important to regulate the seasonal outbreaks within the outbreak periods.Results obtained also indicated that these outbreak periods of meadow moth were highly synchronized with the odd periods of sunspot activity based on the data process between the historical record of sunspot activity and cyclic outbreak periods of the meadow moth in China. The 1st (1952-1960), 2nd (1977-1986) and 3rd (1995-nowadays) outbreak period of meadow moth in China was coincided with the 19th, 21st and 23rd cycle of the sunspot activity on the time series, although the peaks between the outbreak period and sunspot activity was not completely overlapped.The next cyclic outbreak period of meadow moth in China will possibly be occurred during 2016-2025 based on the results obtained combining the prediction derived from the analysis of sunspot activity cycle. These results were with great significances to the improvement of the forecastingThe significant discoveries of this thesis were as follows. The periodic outbreaks of the meadow moth were documented based on the analysis of historical records on the infestation areas, the number of adult trapped by the black-light trap. The year of 1953-1959, 1978-1986 and 1995-nowadays were the third periodic outbreak cycles of the meadow moth since the funding of P. R. China. The physical factors such as temperature, rainfall and humidity were not correlated to the periodic outbreak of the meadow moth, although they were critical to the population dynamics of this species. The peaks of sunspot activity were found to be correlated to the cyclic population outbreaks of the meadow moth. The next possible outbreak period will be occurred in the year of 2016-2025, as predicted by a forecasting program developed based on the results obtained.

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