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The Sports Lires of Students from Different Strata

Author: LiJianSheng
Tutor: ChenZhenZhong
School: Guangxi Normal University
Course: Principles of Education
Keywords: Sporting life Social Stratification Education fair
CLC: G807.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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In April 2007, General Secretary Hu Jintao to strengthen youth sports work and network culture construction work conference stressed the importance of sporting activities at all levels of government in response to the call of the party, has held a wide range of sports activities, sun sports open camp-style succession opened, a lively sports activities scene appeared in various primary and secondary schools, primary and secondary school sports suddenly toward the playground, into nature, to come to the sun, and walked into the living, the sport seems to have become the primary and secondary schools an integral part of life. The Sports Life momentary became a popular research academia. The sporting life students to improve academic performance, improve health, leisure and entertainment, relax, and enhance exchanges and the sport as a way of life, various sports activities mode, its contents, including intramural sports (physical education, calisthenics, extracurricular sports) and out-of-school sports (External Sports and sporting attitude). From a sociological perspective to examine students' sporting life is not for everyone toward the playground, into nature, went to the sun, into the life. School sports life, attention remains Students normal physical education, not to carry out extra-curricular sports activities, each student sports class families, sports consumption expenditures, the possession of the sports space rarely attention. Some local education departments and schools is only concerned with the entrance examination-related disciplinary knowledge to teach physical education teachers in the equipment shortage, sports venues were canceled; geographical differences, school level and family background factors are also plagued by Student Sports Activities conducted for middle school students living stratification resulting in a missing status, which is what triggered the karma I conducted this study. In this study of high school students in the sports life through the body showed the class attribute, geographical differences, show different walks of life, different regions of the students in today's educational environment in real sports life. Choose three different types of families (the disadvantaged class families, middle class families, affluent class families) of secondary school students through the study of the sociology of education perspective, interviews, each of these students in three different sectors of the campus sports life (physical education and extracurricular sports activities), extracurricular sports way of life (sports activities and sports attitude) as well as the analysis of the sporting life of the show, the real situation of the sporting life of the class students. Qualitative research and quantitative research by focusing on different sectors of the students of sports life this perspective, the high school students sporting life, to reflect the depth of surface, in order to found that high school students in the educational life of the rendering of the differences, the exploration of students, on education, on sports something of value. I pointed out in the sporting life of the students, the students in the class, geographical differences in the actual life can not be completely eliminated, but we can strive to do as much as possible to narrow these differences, in order to maximize each student can Sunlife , so that the community seriously concerned about the health of students, concerned about the child's sporting life. This is the significance of this study lies. This study is divided into five parts: The first part is an introduction, describes the theoretical background and current status of the study, presented the basic ideas and methods of the study, discusses the purpose and significance of the study. The second part of the the disadvantaged class students dragons representatives pointed out that the vulnerable segments of the students in the choice of sports activities, physical exercise behavior by the constraints of limited social resources of the opportunity to use the premises, activities and organizations, a single sporting life, sports consumption and sports exchanges relatively poor; third part of the middle class students Xiao Yang, reflects a different concept of family education through sports lifestyle; fourth part by the affluent strata student representatives Xiaoyue colorful display of sports life, reflect gracious living environment for long-term imperceptibly, she has a good attitude, this is also the reason why she likes and extensive physical exercise and the cheerful important reason. Part V explore through the first four parts of the theory, analysis of the underlying causes of the high school students in living stratification and predict future trends, make some superficial recommendations, I hope to attract more educational researchers and practitioners attention. This study was designed by three junior high school students in Zhengzhou City Sports Life and the empirical study, analysis of the main reason for middle school students living stratification suggestions for improvements. It makes up for the lack of research, not only to promote for middle school students living stratification research innovation, and contribute in the actual implementation of the lives of high school students in the equalization step, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, and based on the reality gap between the school, family, and other factors have led to so that students truly enjoy the possibility of the integration of public education services.

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