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Research on the Tactics of Sichuan Province’s International Aviation Logistics Development

Author: HuangYuHui
Tutor: XieFengYan
School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course: International Trade
Keywords: International Aviation Logistics Foreign Trade Industrial structure Air Logistics Park Hub and Spoke
CLC: F252
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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International Logistics as a basic and necessary conditions of international trade, the carrier of international trade, the rapid development of international trade, logistics further put forward new demands, requiring a higher level of security guarantees and economic benefits. For inland cities, international logistics and foreign trade development linkages are particularly important. The full development of international logistics contribute to the development of inland city in the international market, to change external investment environment, to promote its international inland areas while promoting the development of export-oriented economy, to ease the problem of uneven development of inland areas and the coastal economy, increase of the national economy and foreign exchange earnings. Therefore, the international aviation logistics development strategy issues in Sichuan Province, has high research value. The body of the paper is divided into six chapters. The first chapter discusses the need for the development of international air logistics in Sichuan Province. Since the reform and opening up, Sichuan Province's foreign trade has maintained an upward situation provides a good opportunity for the development of international logistics in Sichuan Province. However, due to the special terrain of Sichuan, Sichuan Province, a major rail - road transport network in recent years can not be maintained Sichuan Foreign Trade and synchronization speed of development, construction and transportation cycle is long, dangerous high speed is difficult, cargo damage goods slip additional costs, unable to adapt to the export commodity structure changes bottleneck effect increasing exposure; With the upgrade of Sichuan Province, import and export trade structure of primary products in total imports and exports declining industrial finished goods in total imports and exports increased rapidly, proportion is growing. \the rapid development of new modes of transport demand, especially in electronic communication and precision mechanical and electrical products, are increasingly opting for air transport as its carrier, so in order to adapt to the development of Sichuan's foreign trade situation, the development of aviation logistics is necessary. The second chapter is the study of Sichuan Province, aviation logistics development status. Air transport is an important foundation for the development of international air logistics, In recent years, Sichuan Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport production targets are to maintain high-speed growth of the air transport industry is showing a good momentum to accelerate the development of its transport volume of business are listed first in the central and western regions, nationwide, second only to Beijing, Shanghai Hongqiao and Pudong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen Airport, ranking sixth in the National Airport, laid the necessary foundation for the development of international air logistics in Sichuan Province, and China's entry into the WTO as well as the large-scale development of the western region promote, facilitate the rapid development of foreign trade in Sichuan Province, the industrial structure adjustment and perfect, and provides a good environment for the development of relevant government departments support the development of Sichuan Airlines logistics. Nevertheless, Sichuan aviation logistics there are still many shortcomings: the air transport network is not perfect, the lack of capacity and misallocation of air cargo prices policy adjustments lag behind changes in market supply and demand, price formation mechanism is not perfect, transport the agent small-scale as well as the operational efficiency of the Customs and Excise Department and the Port Joint Inspection Unit, the complexity of the procedure, effective working time is short and other reasons have been significantly hampered the development of the aviation logistics in Sichuan Province. The third chapter through the use of empirical analysis, Sichuan Province, international logistics in freight demand trends accurately predict, that Sichuan aviation logistics demand in the next few years, the the Sichuan Aviation Logistics growth potential is huge. The fourth chapter is the analysis of the development of international air logistics strategic model in other countries and regions specified in chapter 5, in learn some developed countries and regions in the domestic and international aviation logistics development based on the experience, the development of international air logistics industry in Sichuan air cargo logistics the road, summed summed up the aviation logistics development model suitable for the development of foreign trade in Sichuan: the construction of infrastructure facilities, the function of supporting the international hub of Air Logistics Park to integrate resources, to form a cargo hub airports; operations of Air Logistics Park \Authority \logistics information system throughout the mode. Chapter aviation logistics development in Sichuan Province. Asked the Government in terms of government policy, according to Sichuan's economic environment, market environment, technology changes in the environment, the timely introduction of relevant policies and regulations, macro guidance and norms, support, and guide the development of emerging industries; while the government of Sichuan province is still in the the initial stage of the development of the aviation logistics necessary support and encouragement, especially in loans, tax, route management, and freight should be taken oriented preferential policies to support the industry. In regard to the logistics and regulations, should improve its system, including the definition of logistics enterprises and market access exit; tax, customs clearance, document format, various modes of transport management and internal and external joint cooperation shall be made to the relevant provisions in order to create a favorable environment for the development of modern logistics, and promote the rapid development of aviation logistics in Sichuan Province. In addition, technical norms and standards in the industry, should also be integrated as soon as possible to universal implementation of the AWB standard bar code application to speed up the the aviation logistics public information sharing. In addition, we must also strengthen the construction of aviation hardware facilities, to increase the proportion of high-tech industries, the introduction of multi-party investors to jointly invest logistics facilities, strengthen the interface between aviation and other logistics hub, accelerate the improvement of the ground transportation system, play Sichuan Aviation Logistics advantage, so to survive in the fierce competition with the main mode of transport such as railways, highways; and to focus on the introduction and training of aviation logistics personnel. The main point of this article is: With the rapid growth of Sichuan Province Foreign Trade and Economic rail - road transport network has been unable to meet the demand, the need to open up and develop the field of aviation logistics to adapt to changes in the structure of foreign trade in Sichuan Province. Sichuan Province to further the development of international air logistics can learn from the experience of other regional and international, to choose their own mode of development: \improve the function of supporting the international hub of Air Logistics Park to integrate resources, form a cargo hub airport, this hub-and-spoke western mode; transport network, mainly air transport, multimodal transport auxiliary mode; Information Systems aviation logistics information system to establish a highly efficient mode of running through them. These modes of operation you need to Shuangliu International Airport, airlines and local government which together support and develop appropriate policies to regulate aviation logistics market, improve aviation logistics hardware and software, and related training of personnel. The main innovation of this paper are: First, we will study the object as a system, systematic study of the theory and method of formation and development on the promotion of aviation logistics system in Sichuan Province, to seek the overall effect; Second, we use empirical analysis model to forecast the trends and needs of Sichuan Province, the development of international aviation logistics; Third, in the current development of the existing international aviation logistics in Sichuan Province, clearly put forward the international aviation logistics model suitable for the development of Sichuan Province; fourth, combined with the analysis of the actual situation in Sichuan Province as well as the article pointed out: In practice, the development of aviation logistics depends mainly on two aspects of government and enterprises, and proposed the establishment of a variety of price aviation price system, the establishment of dynamic alliance strategy recommendations.

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