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Pyrazine tetracarboxylic acid rare earth coordination polymer synthesis, structure and properties of

Author: HuangXiangLei
Tutor: CaiZuo
School: Nanchang University
Course: Inorganic Chemistry
Keywords: Coordination polymers Pyrazine acid Rare earth metals
CLC: O631.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Coordination polymer is an organic ligand and the metal ion ( or metal clusters ) By way of self-assembled supramolecular coordination bond formed by a combination of polymers. The structure is novel , unique nature , such as molecular recognition, catalysis, adsorption and other fields have a good prospect . Pyrazine tetracarboxylic acid containing N, O polydentate organic ligand , ligand having a variety of ways , the structure is easy to form novel complexes; rare earth orbit to provide more air , which has a unique multi- complexes fluorescent and magnetic properties . This paper selects pyrazine tetracarboxylic acid and rare earth nitrate ( nitrate, dysprosium , europium nitrate , nitric acid terbium , gadolinium nitrate ) , respectively, by hydrothermal method and solvent evaporation method , synthetic coordination polymers and uses X- ray diffraction , X- ray powder diffraction, elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy, thermal gravimetric analysis , fluorescence analysis and other technical means to characterize the resulting products . Main work is as follows : 1. To phenazine as synthesized pyrazine tetracarboxylic acid . 2 to pyrazine tetracarboxylic acid as ligand , dysprosium nitrate , terbium nitrate , europium nitrate, the central atom , obtained by hydrothermal synthesis method of coordination polymers ( 1 ) - ( 3 ) . Complexes ( 1 ) is triclinic , P-1 space group three-dimensional structure coordination polymer . Its cell parameters : a = 9.0069 (4) A, b = 10.8801 (2) A, c = 13.246 A, α = 68.725 (8) °, p = 77.990 (8) °, γ = 88.618 (10) ° . The complexes , Dy3 nine and eight ligand ligand ligand two kinds of ways in which nine -coordinated Dy3 directly with pyrazine tetracarboxylic acid ligand , eight -coordinated Dy3 then with carboxyl, hydroxyl and water to form a metal - oxygen atom clusters , and finally through carboxyl bridge tridentate ligands way two partial structures connected together. By IR, XRD and other means to characterize the complex ( 2 ) and ( 3 ) and complexes ( 1 ) have a similar structure way . 3 with the same ligand , respectively, at room temperature and europium nitrate , terbium nitrate , gadolinium nitrate synthesis of polymers with ( 4 ) - ( 6 ) . Correlation of the structure and thermal stability, studies have shown that fluorescence properties : complex ( 4 ) and ( 6 ) has a similar structure , complex ( 5 ) with different structures . Three have good thermal stability , but the fluorescence properties are varied.

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