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Preparation and Characteristic of BiFeO3 /Bi3.25 La 0.75 Ti3O12 Multiferroic Bi-layer Films

Author: LiYuBin
Tutor: YuJun
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
Keywords: Multiferroic materials Iron - bismuth Sol - gel RF magnetron sputtering BFO / BLT Bilayers
CLC: O484.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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In recent years, multiferroic materials simultaneously ferroelectric and ferromagnetic become the focus of people 's studies , is considered to have broad application prospects in the field of information storage and spintronic devices , sensors . Single-phase multiferroic materials the BiFeO 3 ( BFO) , very few have both ferroelectric and ferromagnetic material at room temperature , people of all ages . This thesis is based on the BFO target and thin film conditions , performance testing , characterization , and further explore the BFO / BLT bilayer film preparation process with multi- iron performance . Used for the the BFO material sensitive to temperature and difficult to obtain pure sample prepared BFO target improved solid phase sintering process , the rapid warming during the heating process , rapidly heated to 820 ° C down to room temperature and keep after 20min . Because heating quickly , skipping the the BFO material is extremely sensitive to the temperature of the interval , thus avoiding the hetero - phase formation . BFO target sputtering can be used on the basis of the successful preparation of the pure phase BFO thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering , BFO thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering process by adjusting the process parameters . Pt / TiO 2 / SiO 2 / p - Si ( 100 ) substrate BLT ferroelectric films prepared by sol - gel method . Film were randomly oriented , no heteroaryl phase generated ; and has good ferroelectric performance , 2Pr 36.4μC/cm 2 , 2Ec approximately 246 kV / cm . By preparing BFO / BLT double-layer film structure to improve the film properties . BLT layer introduces a certain extent suppressed BFO in which a small amount of the impurity phase , and the phenomenon of the BFO film part of the abnormal grain growth is suppressed . Improve other reasons due to the uniformity of the compactness of the grains of the BFO film , film sample leakage current properties are improved , and the density decreased by one to two orders of magnitude of the leakage current . Due to leakage current density decreases , the sample can withstand higher test voltage without breakdown saturated ferroelectric hysteresis loops , ferroelectricity has been greatly improved , 2Pr 12.4μC/cm2 .

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