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Optimization of Fermentation for Production of Oxalate Decarboxylase of Trametes Versicolor

Author: GongBoYang
Tutor: YangXueXia;HongFeng
School: Donghua University
Course: Biochemical Engineering
Keywords: Oxalic acid decarboxylase Color versicolor Fermentation Induced way Jerusalem artichoke juice
CLC: TQ925
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Oxalic acid oxalic acid decarboxylase can catalyze the decomposition of formic acid and carbon dioxide, is mainly used for the degradation of the papermaking wastewater oxalic dirt, biological detection oxalic acid, and clinical diagnosis. The low production of the enzyme to restrict the promotion and application of the enzyme. An important cause of the lower yield of oxalic acid decarboxylase color versicolor lower biomass fermentor. In order to improve the production of the enzyme, is starting to improve color suede leather cap fermentation tank culture biomass to start lower shear force in the fermentation process, the use of different types of paddle the versicolor bacteria growth, improve the mycelium the biomass of the body, thereby increasing the yield of the oxalic acid decarboxylase; induction of enzyme production in the basis get higher mycelium biomass, be optimized to further enhance the amount of mycelia enzyme production; Further attempts using Jerusalem artichoke juice as a carbon source cultivated mycelia production oxalate decarboxylase, in order to reduce the cost of production of the enzyme, and to improve the enzyme production. This topic first study compared six flat leaves, four-pitched blade, double ribbon-propelled and six arrows leaf disc turbine impeller type stirrer versicolor bacteria growth and production of oxalic acid decarboxylase. Stirring speed 200 r / min and 120 r / min, two kinds of mycelia biomass research various impeller, four-pitched blade impeller in under two stirring speed mycelium dry weight are highest, respectively 4.1g / L and 4.8g / L, increased by 107.6% and 123.7%, respectively; impeller Fermentation, using the single plus oxalic non constant pH and constant pH two oxalic acid regulation induced inducible enzyme production still pitched blade turbine highest Fermentation, two induction way maximum activity of 77.9 U / L and 199.0 U / L, respectively, are five times six flat leaf disc turbine impeller and 15.8 times. This topic versicolor enzyme induction Bacteria, major research induced batches, batches constant pH-induced continuous induction and partial continuous collaborative induced four ways mycelium induced enzyme production impact. Determination Determination of the enzyme production process mycelium dry weight, protein content, enzyme activity, and other parameters of the pros and cons of the various induction of way, which is continuous induced volume activity and the dry weight of the highest specific activity are, respectively, 386.2 U / L and 103.8 U / g; batches continuous synergistically induced protein than the highest enzyme activity reached 17.7 U / mg. Jerusalem artichoke juice cultivate color versicolor can be a substantial increase in the biomass of the mycelium and oxalic acid decarboxylase production. In this experiment, 20g / L, 40 g / L and 80 g / L concentration of three sugars Jerusalem artichoke juice as a carbon source, dry weight of mycelium 6.6g / L, 14.1g / L and 17.7g / L, respectively, the total sugar The conversion rate (mycelium dry weight / initial total sugar concentration) were 33%, 35% and 22%, respectively, 4.1,4.4 and 2.8 times of the glucose medium. Also, Jerusalem artichoke juice medium mycelia of enzyme production induced by different concentrations of oxalic acid, in which 20 mM induced the highest activity of 63.3 U / L, is 5.1 times the glucose medium.

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