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Intrusion-Resilient Key Management Research on Digital Signature

Author: WangLiangLiang
Tutor: HeMingXing
School: West China University
Course: Applied Computer Technology
Keywords: Forward-secure digital signature Key Compromise No certificate signing Key escrow Discrete logarithm problem Random Oracle Model
CLC: TN918.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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With the development of computer science and technology, e-commerce, e-government, e-finance are widely used, It is hoped that through the Internet, long-distance business contract signature. Therefore, the digital signature technology came into being. A digital signature is a method signature to a message in electronic form, is only just be able to send information to the signature, any other person can not be forged section of numeric string. The digital signature has many applications, including authentication, authorization, data integrity and non-repudiation. Thus, the important role of digital signature technology in network communication and special location. However, due to the openness of the Internet and anarchy, anyone can freely access the Internet, so there are some dishonest may use a variety of illegal means to sabotage and attack, which makes the Internet has become an insecure network, can be said to rival the intrusion is inevitable. In addition, due to personal reasons lead to leakage of secret information lost is time to happen, these secret information is likely to be some dishonest to do some illegal things. Regardless of the manner in which the rival signature private key, then he can not only any forged signatures, and in the time period before the key compromise valid signature signed by the signer may become invalid signature. This means that the entire signature schemes because the signature private key leaked total collapse, brought the loss is huge. Therefore, to construct a to tolerate rival invasion and key compromise digital signature system is very important and has great significance. This paper studies the of Intrusion Tolerance nature digital signature system, this signature scheme can not only increase the difficulty of adversary invasion, but also to minimize the losses caused due to the leakage of private signature key. This paper analyzes the ASP forward secure signature scheme, proposed an attack and pointed out that the program does not have the forward security, after improvements and an efficient forward-secure digital signature scheme (WH program), update secret key only once Hash operation and satisfy the forward security. Then the the key isolation signature system analysis, intrusion detection mechanism key isolation signature scheme, to make it more practical. In order to solve the key escrow problem based on the identity of the signature scheme, based on the RSA scheme and the Schnorr scheme proposed two effective operation certificate signature scheme (WHZ programs and the ZW program), and then these two programs LJC No certificate signature scheme performance comparison results show that the proposed scheme is more effective. This article also forward secure signature model and certificate signature model combining forward security certificate signature model, enhanced no certificate signature scheme Intrusion Tolerance. In addition, the of WHZ program in Random Oracle Model formal security proof, proof of the program to meet the adaptive chosen message can not be forged. Finally, the use of the C programming language, this article ZW program Simulation, its operating results show the correctness, feasibility and efficiency of the algorithm.

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