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  1. The Relationship among Achieyement Motive,Burnout and Quit Intention of Elite Athletes in College of Zhejiang Province,ZhangFangFang/Hangzhou Normal University,0/30
  2. The Comparative Research of High-end Comprehensive Sports Leisure Resort Development Model,ZhangZuoZuo/Hangzhou Normal University,0/103
  3. The monographic study of the Soviet people's Republic of China Founding Idea,ZuoJiLiang/Hangzhou Normal University,0/12
  4. An Empirical Study on Vocabulary Learning Based on the VLS in Rural High School,LiuZhi/Hangzhou Normal University,0/61
  5. Discussion on the development and creation of Korean modern fiber art,WangMeiLian/Hangzhou Normal University,0/21
  6. Genetic analysis and mapping of a rice floral organ mutants,LiuJian/Hangzhou Normal University,0/13
  7. Rice black streaked dwarf virus genome segment S9 prokaryotic expression and transgenic research,YingDanPing/Hangzhou Normal University,0/8
  8. Effect of Transgenic Bt Gene Rice on Soil Nematodes,TaoMin/Hangzhou Normal University,0/73
  9. The Performance and Biogranule Characteristics of Enhanced Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation Process,YuJinJin/Hangzhou Normal University,0/33
  10. Study on the Water Absorption of WPC and Its Influences,LiangMengJie/Hangzhou Normal University,0/94
  11. 3- arylmethylene -4- aryl -2, 3- two hydrogen -1, synthesis of 5- benzothiazepine and beta lactam derivatives,YangChun/Hangzhou Normal University,0/17
  12. Study on protection of dehydroxylation silicon Ether Catalyzed by solid acid,LiYingZhi/Hangzhou Normal University,0/28
  13. Studies On the Stereoselective Reactions Using O-Pivaloylated-glucopyranose as Auxiliary and their Application in Organic Synth,WangDong/Hangzhou Normal University,0/12
  14. Green Synthesis of Triazine Compounds And Diazo-Compounds by Using Methyl Nitrite,HuXinXiang/Hangzhou Normal University,0/27
  15. Study of nocturnal reptiles thermal biology verrucose house lizard body temperature, heat tolerance and thermoregulation,HuLingJun/Hangzhou Normal University,0/13
  16. The Ecological Research of Cladocerans from Maoping to Guizhou in Three Gorges Reservoir after Impoundment,ZhuAiJiao/Hangzhou Normal University,0/8
  17. Studies of Species Diversity of Protozoa in West Lake,Hangzhou and Morphology of a New Peritrich Genus/Species,PengXiaoHui/Hangzhou Normal University,0/25
  18. Reproductive Life-history Traits and Phenotypic Responses of Offspring to Gestation Temperature,ZhangLing/Hangzhou Normal University,0/13
  19. Genetic analysis of related physiological traits in Rice under Salt Stress,JiangZuo/Hangzhou Normal University,0/19
  20. Biosystematic Studies of Curex Pisiformis Complex,ZhaoYinJia/Hangzhou Normal University,0/12
  21. The Effects of Prenatal Social Stress on Cellular Immunity in Adult Rats,SunYaJie/Hangzhou Normal University,0/6
  22. The Role of Isletl in Later Development of Mouse Spinal Cord Motor Neurons,XinMing/Hangzhou Normal University,0/22
  23. Functional Analysis of MADS-box Genes in Pea Flower Development,SongWeiJie/Hangzhou Normal University,0/28
  24. Enhancer of Agamous mediated Barnase gene in floral organs specificity in tobacco, Arabidopsis and its expression of the transformation of Poplar,HuBin/Hangzhou Normal University,0/10
  25. Dissection of QTLs for Plant Height and Yield Traits on the Short Arm of Rice Chromosome6,ZhanXiaoDeng/Hangzhou Normal University,0/9
  26. The Effeet of Incubation Temperature on the Expression of Sex Determination Genes in the Three-keeled Pond Turtle,Chinemys Reevesii,TangWenZuo/Hangzhou Normal University,0/82
  27. Cloning and Preliminary Function Analysis of DnWEKY29Gene,WangChunLing/Hangzhou Normal University,0/20
  28. Expression Pattern and Function Analysis of KIFC1and KIFC3during Spermatogenesis of Eumeces Chinensis,LiuMei/Hangzhou Normal University,0/9
  29. The Spacelike Submanifolds in De Sitter Space,DingShunYang/Hangzhou Normal University,0/5
  30. Higher Mean Curvature and Rigidity Theorems of Spheres,LuHaiLing/Hangzhou Normal University,0/6
  31. Computation of the Inverse Problem of a Kind of Nonlinear Heat Conductivity Equation,ZhaoLiLing/Hangzhou Normal University,0/36
  32. Research on Fast Computation of Acoustic Ropagation in Pekeris Waveguides,YangHao/Hangzhou Normal University,0/3
  33. The convergence properties of |x|~ α type function Lagrange interpolating polynomial,GeXiFang/Hangzhou Normal University,0/10
  34. The characteristics and structure of two kinds of WRPP Semigroups,RenXiu/Hangzhou Normal University,0/5
  35. On solving the cyclic matrix and g- matrix problems,HuangDeChao/Hangzhou Normal University,0/10
  36. A Study on the Impression Management Strategy in Job Interview of the Adult Education Students,SunHaiJun/Hangzhou Normal University,0/136
  37. Study on the Perfection of Medical Insurance Pattern of Hangzhou Migrant Workers,WenGuoShi/Hangzhou Normal University,2/231
  38. Eye-movement Research on the Influence of Celebrity Information and Need for Cognition to Advertisement Effect,PeiYang/Hangzhou Normal University,0/229
  39. A Research on University Public Arts Education under the Vision of Body Aesthetic Education,LinZuoZuo/Hangzhou Normal University,0/4
  40. Research on Food Safety Supervision of Public Perspective in Zhejiang Province,JiangLingLin/Hangzhou Normal University,0/146
  41. The Study of the Culture Art Reviw(1929-1935),ZhangXia/Hangzhou Normal University,0/0
  42. Research on the Information Discovery Service of EPC Network,ZhengSiWei/Hangzhou Normal University,0/25
  43. Research of Personalized News Recommender for Mobile Network,WuDengNeng/Hangzhou Normal University,0/5
  44. Implementation and Research of Ontology Knowledge Model on Open Source E-learning Platform,ZhangYuanFeng/Hangzhou Normal University,0/160
  45. The Extension Research of Bezier Curves,ZouJing/Hangzhou Normal University,0/43
  46. Research on Lyrics Extraction and Recognition for Chinese Numbered-Notation Score,ZhangLiYin/Hangzhou Normal University,0/55
  47. Multi-node Intelligent Home Video Surveillance System Based on Embedded Linux,YeHanNeng/Hangzhou Normal University,0/97
  48. The Distortion Correction and Fiber Visualization for Diffusion Tensor Imaging,DaiFei/Hangzhou Normal University,0/44
  49. Research on Path-wise Automation Generation of Test Data Based on Simulated Annealing-Quantum Genetic Algorithm,JiHaiZuo/Hangzhou Normal University,0/123
  50. Research and implementation of intelligent item bank system,ChenLiYan/Hangzhou Normal University,0/1

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