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The Design of Artificial Blood Vessel with Self-Corrugating

Author: YangFuQuan
Tutor: LiZuoLing
School: Donghua University
Course: Textile Engineering
Keywords: Helically corrugated Multifilament Pique Rotating multi - shuttle box Heat setting
CLC: R318.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Woven method can be processed more than 8mm in diameter artificial blood vessels. Ripples of heat setting treatment can improve vascular prosthesis can be bent. The corrugations increase in the presence of the deformation capacity of the artificial blood vessel, when bent to prevent the artificial blood vessels, impairing blood flow occurs. However, the artificial blood vessel of the ordinary woven organization of corrugated heat-setting, ripples at the fabric warp and weft density is changed, undermining the uniformity of the performance of the artificial blood vessel, and the existing corrugated structure did not exhibit optimal fluid flow stabilizing sex. Therefore, this paper designed a new fabric structure, artificial blood vessels directly attributable to the ripple in the weaving process, ie, artificial blood vessels from the ripples, and to prevent the destructive effects of the ripples of heat setting treatment woven artificial blood vessels fabric performance, at the same time, since the corrugations of the artificial blood vessels can exhibit certain bending properties and good flow stability. First, the deformation capacity of the artificial blood vessel and the flow stability requirements, identified by a corrugated structure parameters optimal since corrugated artificial blood vessel. FLUENT simulation pipeline of 13 corrugated structure, the paper compares the of different corrugated size of the fluid flow stability. The integrated deformation capacity requirements, select the the spiral corrugated structural parameters as a the subsequent tubular fabric design reference standards. Secondly, based on a woven synthetic vascular prosthesis low permeability requirements, identified by artificial blood vessels, since the corrugations of the fabric structure parameters. This paper presents the theoretical relationship of the water permeability of the fabric structure parameters and artificial blood vessels, and the concept of fabric close rate prove select monofilament woven artificial blood vessels is difficult to achieve the requirements of the low permeability of the woven artificial blood vessels, so I chose multifilament woven spiral corrugated artificial blood vessels. According to the relationship between the water permeability of the single multifilament yarn of artificial blood vessels, identified by the a multifilament specifications 100D/24f. Determined by analyzing the fabric warp density of 400 / 10cm weft density of 800 / 10cm. 800 / 10cm is the multifilament 100D/24f maximum achievable weft density value. In order to reduce the difficulty of weaving, double weft weaving method 100D/24f 50D/24F 1:1 configuration. Double weft weaving shuttle box, lift shuttle box, it will produce from the twisted phenomenon. We designed a rotary shuttle box device, to avoid double weft weaving from the twisted phenomenon. Again, in order to achieve the nonwoven fabric used to determine the structural parameters of the artificial blood vessel of a spiral of corrugated design, design of a novel variation to split the organization. And biaxial let-off design spiral corrugated tubular fabric weaving molding process. Helically corrugated tubular fabric weaving machine in order to show some deformation capacity, the helically corrugated mold on the inner surface of the spiral corrugated pipe floating long-term heat setting, the constraints of to lift floating long-term spiral corrugated deformation. Finally, we tested the water permeability of the heat setting before and after the spiral bellows and bendable, the test results show that the final product not only has the characteristics of low permeability, but also exhibit a certain degree of deformation capacity, and this spiral corrugated structure exhibit excellent The fluid flow characteristics.

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