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A System Study on Efficiency and Profitability of Major Uses of Crop Straw in Hebei Plain

Author: WangShiChao
Tutor: LiangWeiLi
School: Agricultural University of Hebei
Course: Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords: Hebei Plain straw Profitability efficiency Binary Logistic Model
CLC: S38
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The amount of straw is rich in the Hebei Plain and is the largest available resource in the world. The failure of efficient use in straw resources is not only a waste of valuable resources, and is also adverse effects to the environment. Based on the formal questionnaire survey of the farmers of the six counties in the Hebei Plain and expert questionnaire, the six counties include Shunping, Anguo, Luan City, Dingzhou, Quzhou and Hejian, this paper analyzes economic benefits, energy efficiency and nutrient cycling efficiency of the main utilization means of straw in the Hebei Plain, and in-depth study the main factors of farmers to select the technology of straw resource with the factors of farmers themselves and the external environment. This paper collates and analyzes the interview data of experts, the department of straw utilization technology promotion, farmers, and enterprises by the method of qualitative analysis. The factors of farmers to use straw are empirical studied and model estimated, and some main factors of obstacling the efficiency of straw to use are extracted, and from improving the targeted internal and external factors to form a systematic and objective understanding to the limiting factors of the potential of straw industry, and the research and policy decision-making foundation is put forward for the relevant research institutions and the departments of technology extension and policy-making.The results show that:1. The survey data of 429 households in six counties (cities) in Hebei Plain in 2009-2010 statistics the amount of crop straw. The results show that the total amount of straw is 34880300 tons, of which wheat straw is 12858200 tons accounting for 36.4 of the total straw, and corn straw was 15.116 million tons accounting for 42.79 of the total straw.2. The main ways to use straw resources and the use of ratio in Hebei Plain. Straw are used in fields, feed, life energy, industrial raw materials and heap abandoned. In the use of straw resources, the straw is used in fields as high as 91.29%, the ratio of straw used in feed and live with energy were 2.59% and 1.91%, the effective utilization rate of straw is 99%.3. The survey data and literature analyze economic efficiency of straw to use mainly in Hebei Plain, the results show that: corn straw chopper income 237.82 yuan per hm2, the effectiveness of methane of small household biogas may be substituted for electricity, gas, coal, firewood and straw are 1831.2 yuan , 1559.25 yuan, 1301.74 yuan, 418.75 yuan, and 720.3 yuan per year, large-scale commercial gas of farmers to use methane gas each year can save 292.82 yuan than the use of liquefied petroleum gas.4. Straws nutrient flows: Annual output of wheat straw is 12858200 tons in Hebei Plain, it is 65600 tons in nitrogen of straw, P 15400 t, K 34700 t. The nutrients in the form of the straw returned to the farmland accounted for 99.25% of the straw nutrients. The percent of nutrient of life energy and abandon the heap of straw is only 0.75. The amount of corn straw in the Hebei Plain is 15,110,600 t, and in the straw nitrogen is 7600 t, P 30200 t, K 90700 t. The percent of nutrients returned to the farmland directly is 91.04. Straw nutrients in the feed is accounting for 4.07%. Nutrients used in daily life can be only 1.79%. Industrial raw materials and discarded heap are about 3.1%.5. The comparation of energy efficiency between straw made into biogas and direct combustion is that the effective heat of biogas and direct combustion is basically same.6. According to the survey results, the factors of farmers’will to use small-scale household biogas are selected by the binary logistic model, and the main factors of affecting the technology proliferation of small-scale biogas of are found, the results show that: the possibility of the older farmers to use small-scale biogas is high under the other conditions unchanged. The degree of environmental change to construct household biogas is one of the important factor to affect the extent of farmers’recognition the household biogas, the better gas stations service, the higher the probability of farmers to participate small-scale biogas. Improving the management system and providing comprehensive, timely, and service in place for farmers will greatly improve the level of farmers’recognition and promote their enthusiasm in using small household biogas.

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