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Dance in the Cultural Construction of the Chinese Civilization

Author: RenYing
Tutor: ZhangQuanJun
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Dance performances and teaching theoretical research
Keywords: Chinese civilization Dance Cultural Construction Art
CLC: J705
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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China is a country with five thousand years of history of ancient civilizations, Chinese culture along with human progress and development to create brilliant achievements. Dance as oldest human an art form, as an important part of the culture, in the history of Chinese civilization scroll depicts brilliant colors. Dance as an art of human action, doomed it will be accompanied by the generation of human. Throughout the history of Chinese civilization development, whether historical development to what period of time, regardless of social unrest or stable, dancing always carries social culture plays its own role in the process of the development of Chinese civilization. Engels summarized Marx's view of history: \drink, have shelter and clothing, before it can pursue politics, science, art, religion, and so on; Therefore, the production of the immediate material means of subsistence, and thus a nation or an era of a certain stage of economic development, which constitutes the basis of people's state system, the legal conceptions, art, and even religious ideas, is developed from this basis, therefore, must also be on this basis to explain, rather than doing the opposite as in the past. \should follow a simple rule, development on this basis. It is necessary to study for a period of time, the dynasty of the historical background and economic background, in this study on the basis of the superstructure, as part of the ideological superstructure, moral, artistic, aesthetic, religious, philosophical and other issues can be solved. Different periods have different material and spiritual level, in this context, the cultural development of natural has a very different dance culture has a distinctive character and geographical characteristics, which it is stated that the development of dance and social The political and economic situation as well as people thought forms development has a profound association. I did not like previous studies Chinese dance history or the history of Chinese civilization narrative history, but the characteristics of every period of civilization and dance culture focus of this characteristic features described, summarizing the most representative rules and content will be described in detail, and also focuses on the spiritual and cultural aspects of the cultural system, but on the other hand also discusses the spiritual and cultural aspects of material culture and institutional culture level contact. This article is not a brief introduction of each period dance and a simple list, but representative of the degree of civilization of a period dance development, the development of this period dance in a common content through the typical dance and dance trends summarized. For example, in the original dance described in Chapter 1, Verse, whether it is hunting dance, ritual dance, or games, etiquette, are permeated with the most authentic life rhythm of the original settlers, and the mysterious nature of the infinite worship pure spirit. Through analysis, research, absorb the theoretical studies essence of you historians, writers, artists, and summarized the development of each period dance, to sort out is typical views and theories of a certain era dance the unique cultural features and form factors of in-depth inquiry and research, combined with the results of previous studies, a clear description of the dance culture of the Chinese civilization construct. The end of this article discusses the development of modern, modern, contemporary dance culture. For three age division in the literary world, and historians have different views. Literary modern literature from 1840, modern literature from the May Fourth Movement, contemporary literature from 1949. History scholars believe modern times from 1840-1949, the modern equivalent to the contemporary, from 1949 to the present. Whatever points the method has its truth, in line with the characteristics of the development of their research areas. Dance culture in the development of specific historical period must have the characteristics of the times. Therefore, based on the characteristics of the dance and cultural development, combined with the historical background will be divided into two phases. A Modern, 1840-1978. Contemporary, that since 1978. Dance culture can be more clearly reflected in the Construction of Chinese civilization. Inherent relationship between the development of Chinese civilization has always been associated with other kinds of art and grow together, to explore dance culture and the spirit of the times and civilization footprint and performance of the law, we must study the history and development of the combination of aesthetics, literature and other disciplines intercultural transverse compared to more clearly highlights the dance pace of the development of Chinese civilization and contours.

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