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Late Quaternary Activity of the Tazang Fault

Author: HuChaoZhong
Tutor: RenJinWei
School: China Seismological Bureau, Institute of Earthquake Prediction
Course: Structural Geology
Keywords: Tazang fracture Active tectonic East Kunlun Fault Bayan Har block Tectonic geomorphology Late Quaternary
CLC: P534.63
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Since the 21st century, the Bayan Har block movement lead block on the edge of breaking the Kunlun M8.1 earthquake in 2001, the 2008 Wenchuan 8.0 earthquake, the 2010 Yushu earthquake of magnitude 7.1. The fracture as Tazang the northeast edge of the Bayan Har block fracture itself empty area of ??strong earthquakes, one belonging to the edge of the block fracture characteristic of its activities to reflect the state of motion of the Bayan Har block block kinematics and earthquake background. In this paper, the edge of the Bayan Har block fracture existing research results, to Tazang fracture study, breaking through the study of the geometric distribution segment, led him to study the the paragraphs characteristics and variation. Paper mainly achieved the following understanding: (1) through remote sensing image interpretation, digital elevation model analysis, field trips, tower reservoir fracture geometry distribution and segmentation: Tazang fracture at the West the Ruoergai the county Luo fork Village North, east through the the next Huang Zhaicun, again southeast deflection passes through zai long, the northeast tower possession Jiuzhaigou east over the Tang state, Miao Village, Ma Ka grinding down Do not angle until Sand garang inside southeast, the total length of about 150km, the overall to the NW, the overall recent anti-\In the west extending the Luo the forks paragraph Luo fork paragraph, (2) fracture Tazang enter Ruoergai swamp, the surface visible from the fracture traces from the Luo fork village northwest, east along the foothills of the development, and then interpret the eastward extension of the TM map C D passing between the Yangtze River and the Yellow River Basin watershed, after the fracture extending eastward under Huang Zhaicun, until the multi-wow east side. The total length of 50km, towards about 115 °. The fault distribution location of the three terraces ground, through the floodplain of river terraces fine silt layer luminescence dating test sample system acquisition, the T 1 formation of terraces time (0.66 ± 0.04) ka BP; T 2 dating back about (4.15 ± 0.12) ka BP; T3 terrace formation age of approximately (22.41 ± 2.63) ka BP. Tower possession fracture Luo fork paragraph dislocation of geomorphic surfaces at all levels, at all levels gullies are sinistral faults T 2 about 25m, T3 L-off the wrong of about 300m, Description breaking multi-phase activities. Fieldwork found that the gullies dislocation 2-5.7m, surface pull-apart depression, en echelon rupture surface turf still visible surface rupture eroded very short time, taking into account the strong erosion of the area, speculated that formed in 1000 during the year. Wrong momentum measurement age of two segments Tazang fault Luo fork-order ground Tazang fracture Luo fork paragraph since the mid-western Holocene slip rate of about 6.5-10.3mm / a. Combination of slip rates and the latest earthquake rupture Luo fork paragraph 7 Tazang fracture earthquake recurrence cycle of 553-876 years. (3) according to the elongation at break of discontinuity, rupture Tazang toward change Luo fork segment, the northeast section of segment Tazang, Ma Ka grinding section can be divided into four sections. Tower possession fracture Luo fork paragraph of this multi-village east of Luo the fork Village North western Comparison discovered: Late Quaternary period fracture the western pure strike-slip; eastern containing vertical component, the horizontal and vertical component than about 5:1. Tazang fracture northeast section of sinistral strike-slip and thrust faults of horizontal and vertical component ratio of about 3:1. The breaking horses home Tazang grinding segment level vertical component ratio of about 2:1. Along faults from west to east as a pure left-lateral strike-slip movement conversion to an increasingly large proportion of vertical movement. Fracture as Tazang the northeast edge of the Bayan Har block fracture, this conversion activity features the Bayan Har block SEE to \

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