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Initial Research on the Expression and the Significance of Cx-43、 Caspase-3 and MMP-2 in Endothelial Cells in Atherosclerosis in Human Coronary Artery

Author: XuXinHua
Tutor: SunLei
School: Dalian Medical University
Course: Pathology and Pathophysiology
Keywords: coronaryatherosclerosis CX-43 caspase-3 MMP-2
CLC: R541.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Background: Coronary heart disease is a serious threat to human health,Atherosclerosis is the basic pathological change.The initial part of AS is the damage and disturbance of endothelial function.Connecxin43 is an very important part of gap junction, it low expressed in the normal endothelial cells of coronary artery, It increase expressed in the stable plaque and decrease in the unstable plaque group. Connecxin43 can regulate the expression of caspase-3MMP-2 in the endothelial cells of coronary artery.Objective:The expression of CX-43、caspase-3 and MMP-2 in human normal endothelial cells of coronary artery and atherosclerosis were investigated by immunohistorychemical staining, We analyzed the correlation between the expression of CX-43 and caspase-3、MMP-2, and the relationship of the CX-43 expressed degree with progress of atherosclerosis, to proveid the experimental evidence of atherosclerosis nosogenesis and target gene therapy.Methods:We got 60 coronary artery specimens base on the stenosis degree of coronary artery, detect the specimens after HE staining. the group standard include the lipid core and area of atheromatous plaque, The specimens were divided into there group, stable plaque group 23 cases(the area less than 40% of the plaque),atheromatous unstable plaque group 22 cases(area more than 40% of the plaque),normal control group 15 cases. We detect the expression of CX-43、Caspase-3and MMP-2 in the endothelial cells of atherosclerosis in different group independence. We analyzed the date use SPSS13.0, all the result used runk-sum test, and Pearson test to do correlation analysis. significance was set at p<0.05.Result:1.CX-43 expression on the nucleus or cytoplasm of endothelial cells in atherosclerosis of coronary artery、and the junction smooth muscle of coronary artery and the cardiomyocytes. There were no expression in normal endothelial of coronary atrtry. There were significant difference between stable plaque group and normal control group,and also the same between unstable plaque group and normal control group.But there was no significant difference between stable plaque group and unstable plaque group(p>0.05).2.caspase-3 expression in the cytoplasm in endothelial cells、smooth muscle cells and inflammatory cells of atherosclerosis, some part high expression. There were nearly no expression in normal endothelial cell of coronary artery.3.MMP-2 expressed in endothelial cells、smooth muscle cells and foam cells of atherosclerosis, some parts high expression. There were nearly no expression in normal endothelial cell of coronary artery.4.Pearson text showed that the expression degree of CX-43 was positively correlated withMMP-2 and Caspase-3 in the endothelial cells of atherosclerosis.Conclusion:1.There were low or nearly no expression of CX-43、caspase-3、MMP-2 in normal endothelial cells of coronary artery, but high expressed in endothelial cells in atherosclerosis, especially in unstable plaque group. The expression of CX-43、caspase-3、MMP-2 suggesting the close relationship between the aberrant expression the CX-43、caspase-3、MMP-2 in endothelial and atherosclerosis transformation process. And caspase-3、MMP-2 related to the instablility of the plaque.2.CX-43 high expressed in endothelisl cell of atherosclerosis promote the development process of atherosclerosis and promote the movement prcess of leucocyte to vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cell moveto the interior. Increase the instability of plaque, the mechanism still unclear.

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