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Study on the Preparation Process of Total Saponins in Lysimachia Capillipes Hemsl. and the Establishment of Quality Standards

Author: YingHongMei
Tutor: TianJingKui;ZhangLin
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Biomedical Engineering
Keywords: Fine stems vanilla Total saponins Extraction Process Macroporous Content determination HPLC-ELSD Open培瑞 Capsule
CLC: R284.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The thin stems vanilla (Lysimachia capillipes Hemsl.), Also known as Hong row of grass, the mountain is covered with fragrant Primulaceae Lysimachia genus fine stems vanilla dry grass, folk used to treat Fengshibitong, irregular menstruation, cough, asthma, and tonic, the piperazine citrate antitumor efficacy. In order to better explore the medicinal value of the fine-stemmed herbs, development of new drugs have anti-tumor effect, the subject of a the fine stems vanilla in vanilla the major saponins fine Terrier saponins B and fine stems vanilla saponins C target component, HPLC determination The extraction and purification process indicators Determination of the contents of the herbs are preferred, and to develop the quality standards of medicines and intermediates, designed to lay the foundation for the development of a clear medicinal components, high active ingredient content of Chinese Drug Research. 1 the fine stems vanilla herbs quality standard study by comparing different origin and different batches of the fine stems vanilla herbs traits perfected medicinal methods of identification; goal ingredients to the fine stems vanilla saponins B and fine-stemmed herbs saponin C establish herbs in two HPLC-ELSD Determination of the kinds of saponin content and the limits to 4.00%: Determination of saponin content of the different parts of the herbs; determination of the water content of the herbs drying method to develop moisture limit of 12.00%. 2 saponins Extraction Process through the screening of single factor and orthogonal experiment, the rate evaluation of the fine stems vanilla total saponins and herbs extraction process were optimized. The preferred process to: herbs for solvent extracted twice with 70% ethanol, 20 times the amount of solvent used for the first time to soak extracted after 0.5 h 1h, the second time with 16 times the amount of solvent extraction 0.5 h. The total saponin yield of the process and the extraction rate of 5.31% and 91.2%, respectively. 3. Purification Process of through the dynamic adsorption resolution test screening a resin used in the present experiment HPD 450 macroporous resin, comprehensive evaluation of total saponins yield of, and intermediates total saponin content, the preferred purification process. The preferred purification process: the drug solution concentrated to 0.25 g of crude drug · mL-1, the pH was adjusted to 7-8 by adding diameter to height ratio of 1:4 macroporous resin column at a flow rate of 3 BV · h-1, repeat the sample adsorbed after 0.5 h 3, washed successively with water, 40% ethanol, 70% ethanol wash 4 BV and the flow rate was 4 BV · h-1, 4 BV · h-1, 6 BV · h-1. Collected 70% ethanol the eluent, vacuum drying is the total saponins intermediate. 4 the intermediate quality standards research is based on the the saponins B of intermediates in the fine stems vanilla and thin stems vanilla saponin C indicators batch of intermediate quality detection the preliminary formulation intermediates saponin content limit of 55.00%. Formulation Process to fine-stemmed herbs saponins intermediates as raw material, microcrystalline cellulose excipients through visits liquidity hygroscopicity indicators to determine and open Peirui the enteric-coated capsules, capsule contents of total saponin content limits 434.5mg · g-1; establish quality standards of preparation and preliminary capsule accelerated stability test.

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