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Study on the Fertility Concept of Rural Married Women Borned after 1980

Author: WangTao
Tutor: YaoZhaoYu
School: Nanjing Agricultural College
Course: Sociology
Keywords: rural woman fertility concept influence factors
CLC: C924.21
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Fertility concept is a most important factor that influences the fertility behaviors of the people. Researching in fertility concept of the rural women, not only can understand the current rural women’s fertility desire and motivation, but also provide certain basis for our population policy on formulation and implementation. The study is researching that based on the spot investigation, and analyzing the fertility concept of rural married women borned after 80 in Shangzhuang town, then analyzing the important factors that affects the fertility concept, at last explaining fertility concept by using the theory of modernity.The research shows that, the fertility concept of the rural women that borned after 1980 in Shangzhuang town presents a status that the traditional to the modern transition. In the part of the fertility purpose, mainly to increase happiness primarily, and with the main purpose of childbearing generational supplemented, the traditional fertility purpose that endowment and carry on the family line in traditional society will not happen. In the part of the childbearing number, the most people want to born two children, but in fact they born one primarily that mainly because of many factors.In the part of the birth time, the majority of respondents are in the much later times between 23 and 26 years old, reflect the characteristics of timely, early childbearing phenomenon in traditional society is hard to reproduce. In the part of the birth of preference, respondents have rejected the concept of traditional society that prefer boys, and the concept less sex. In the part of childbearing desire, the women of Shangzhuang town pay attention from quantity to quality, and pay more attention to children’s education, expecting children have highly and best education, then be able to live on the city.The change of the fertility concept of rural married women borned after 1980 is influenced by many factors, including cultural degree, professional situation, the economic income, living form and work experience. Through survey on five dimensions of fertility concept about respondents, consist of fertility purposes, the number of births, birth time, birth preferences and childbearing desire, and analysis the influence factor, draw the following conclusions:including cultural degree affecting child-bearing fertility purposes, birth time and the number of births. Professional situation affects fertility purposes that carry on the family line, raise sons to support one in one’s old age and increase happiness, and both affects the birth of quantity and birth preference have two children. Economic income affects the fertility purposes that raise sons to support one in one’s old age and the birth of quantity. Living form affects fertility purposes that carry on the family line, raise sons to support one in one’s old age and increase population. Work experience affects fertility purposes to increase happy and birth preference of birth one child.The change of the fertility concept of rural married women borned after 1980 is the result of modernity enhancement in the process of modernization. Modernity mainly penetrates into villages in the form of urbanization and industrialization. It performances urbanization of lifestyle, industrialization of working content, and modernization of modern ideas. Under the influence of modernity, characteristics of individualism, subjectivism and rationalization, pluralism, is full of the village. The traditional village concept especially fertility concept under the influence of modernity, gradually evolves into between traditional and modern, and the idea is in a dynamic. Meanwhile, the fertility concept of rural married women borned after 1980 also shows the characteristic about continuity and fracture.Study on fertility concept, have certain reference function on formulation and implementation of the future family planning policy in China.

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