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Spiritual Wanderers: The Pursuing of Spirit in Mansfield’s and Her Characters’ Dreams

Author: WuXiaoJuan
Tutor: YuBin
School: Nanjing University
Course: Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords: Katherine Mansfield Dream Recall Think Spiritual pursuit
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The life of Katherine Mansfield (Katherine Mansfield 1888 - 1923) are roaming the body, for the soul to find suitable habitat. Excellent short story writer, she is both a modern English literature among the theme of New Zealand because of work longer reproduce her to become veritable New Zealand writers. The main character's fantasy novel Mansfield as the starting point, the analysis of the character's memories and imagination explores its characters living in the dream Dynamisante void, nothing mental state attribution. Combination works autobiographical characteristics and life experiences of the author, the paper highlights the author and characters in the spirit of the similarity, and then analyze the memories and imagination of Mansfield, explore its spiritual pursuit. The paper is divided into four parts. The introduction of Mansfield carding, and raised the entry point and research ideas. Mansfield's novels have a lot of dreams, but the dream in her pen is not only the skills of a stream of consciousness novel, or a reflection of the the characters spiritual pursuit carrier. After the one hand, the system has not been rare, I will seize it discusses and seeks to connect her personal and professional life, through her imagination and reality, and finally achieve the grasp of the mental state of the writer. Memories of the characters in the first chapter of the novel and imagine, the first novel Mansfield dream the induction and classification. Children, adolescents, and adults to the elderly, Mansfield covers fantasy figures of all ages. They drowned in the memories of the past (mostly elderly), or indulge in the imagination of the future (for young people), and thus I select a few representative works analyzed. First section the main analysis figures recollection of the past, is divided into recognized love reality back into the past, try to find the next four o'clock, loss of memory, mental state analysis of the memories of their lives and they wake up after nothing to go by. Section II age sequence analysis of the character of the future imagine, divided into inexperienced in the beginning of the ignorant, lose the dream house, the weariness of life, the impossibility of escape four aspects of fantasy to them the meaning of life and fantasy after the bursting of the mental state attribution anything. The third quarter mainly analyze the characters exist in reality state, found that in reality they both eager to get the understanding of others, they tend to hide from the real. The second chapter of the memories and imagination. Authors and characters spiritual similarity with the pen through Mansfield are often afflicted by the recollection of the past - New Zealand and the future, imagine - Writing. The first section mainly analyzes the significance of the New Zealand author. Mansfield attitude towards New Zealand experienced a longing to disappointment from boredom to the process. New Zealand in her pen looks beautiful but bitter dream implied. Against each other in this dream, newborn death, innocence and sophistication, New Zealand is not her permanent spiritual refuge. Section II analysis of the significance of writing in her life. The one hand, her pursuit of writing, writing is the dream of her youth, caught in a predicament when spiritual comfort. She hopes to writing to obtain spiritual peace, and also hope to extend their lives by retaining works; brought with writing anxiety and her desire for health but on the other hand, she gave up writing. Thesis by analyzing her before his death last work \Section III analysis of reality, pointing out that she appear in reality is often a different face of both her lust alone when he's happy, and hope to get a real understanding of the others. This contradiction, contrary to the state of mind and body cured hopeless situation made her finally give up everything in life, and the to Gede Jeff Fontainebleau College looking for psychiatric treatment, she was hoping to get a spiritual rebirth. Her short time there, no new work, combined with other materials, the paper can not confirm whether to find a new spirit of habitat her deathbed, but can be determined, where she was a spiritual pleasure. His life, she did not give up efforts to find a spiritual home. The epilogue to the full summarized.

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