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Study on Effectiveness of Grip Strength and Characteristics of Isokinetic Muscle Strength Among 10~12 Years Old Primary

Author: TaoXia
Tutor: TangChangFa
School: Hunan Normal University
Course: Human Movement Science
Keywords: Pupils Muscle strength Isokinetic strength Grip Leg muscle force
CLC: G623.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Objective: To test the 10-12 year-old primary school (fifth and sixth grade) grip strength, leg muscle strength and muscle strength, as well as the six joint flexion muscles isokinetic contraction of muscle strength parameters, grip strength, leg strength, back strength compare the effectiveness of the whole body muscle strength, and analysis of grip and elbow isokinetic testing, correlation between leg muscle force and knee isokinetic testing indicators to explore pupils strength test is the most scientific, effective monitoring indicators, for primary school students physique monitoring indicators of muscle strength test screening to provide the theoretical basis of a scientific and rational. Methods: A stratified random sampling method, from Hunan Normal Primary Division (Changsha City) and Liuyang the doorpost punch (Liuyang, rural) primary sampling in fifth and sixth grade students of the two schools. Grouped by age, divided into 10 to 11 years old, 11 to 12-year-old two groups of 30 men and 30 120 urban and rural areas, a total of 240 people. Simple muscle strength test method to test grip strength, leg muscle strength and back strength, BIODEX SYSTEM 3 isokinetic testing system collected body six joint flexion muscles peak torque (90 ° / s) by the factor analysis, build systemic The muscle level standard (F total), and as a criterion, grip strength, leg strength, back strength analysis. Will grip strength, leg muscle strength, and elbow isokinetic indicators, the correlation between the knee isokinetic muscle testing indicators. Results: (1) left and right joint isokinetic peak torque (PT) results differ, left shoulder flexor 9O ° / s and 180 ° / s and 240 ° / s PT below the right shoulder ( PT and flexor p lt; 0.01), the left hip extensor 180 ° / s, 90 ° / s, 180 ° / s when PT above the right hip (p lt; 0.01), 90 ° left knee flexors / s, 180 ° / s PT below the right knee (p lt; 0.01), the left ankle joint extensor 90 ° / s 180 ° / s and 240 ° / s when PT above the right ankle joint ( p lt; 0.01), while the flexor 90 ° / s and 180 ° / s PT below the right ankle joint. (2) Unit weight torque (PT / BW) results are similar to the results of peak torque. Left shoulder flexors, extensors 90 ° / s and 180 ° / s and 240 ° / s per weight torque below the right shoulder (p lt; 0.01), left hip flexion and extension the muscles 90 ° / s, 180 ° / s, 240 ° / s per unit body weight torque were higher than the right hip (p lt; 0.01), left knee flexors 90 ° / s per unit body weight torque below the right knee (p lt; 0.01), left the ankle extensor 90 ° / s and 180 ° / s and 240 ° / s per weight torque above the right ankle (p lt; 0.01), flexor 90 ° / s and 180 ° / s and 240 ° / s when units the weight torque are lower than the right ankle. (3) urban boys, rural boys, rural girls leg muscle force F highest correlation (correlation coefficient r = 0.811, r = 0.837, r = 0.801, has been applied to; p lt; 0.01), followed by back strength (related coefficients were r = 0.774, r = 0.824, r = 0.799; p lt; 0.01), minimum grip strength (correlation coefficient r = 0.611, r = 0.635, r = 0.548; p lt; 0.01); urban girls back muscles force F total the highest correlation (r = 0.803, p lt; 0.01), followed by leg muscle force (r = 0.789, p lt; 0.01), grip strength minimum (r = 0.507, p lt; 0.01). (4) grip strength BMI elbow extensor group, flexor peaks torque between, leg muscle force and knee extensor peak torque was positively correlated and isokinetic indicators, standing long jump and knee between no correlation. Conclusions: (1) 10 to 12-year-old pupils of body shape and simple strength test results there are urban and rural areas, gender differences, the difference is mainly in the lower extremity strength. (2) 10 to 12-year-old pupils left and right sides of the joint extensor flexor muscle development is not balanced, the differences between urban and rural areas is mainly present in the peak torque of the knee extensor group. Leg muscle force the knee extensor peaks torque related to a higher degree of grip and elbow flexor, extensor peaks torque, standing long jump and knee flexor, extensor peaks torque were lower. (3) grip the effectiveness of the monitoring of the quality of the physical strength than leg muscle strength, back strength, unsuitable as indicators assessing human strength. Leg muscle force monitoring the quality of the physical strength of the validity of the highest recommended as the monitoring and evaluation of the quality of primary school students force.

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