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The Reach of the Clinical Application of Aconitum Carmichali Debx of Shanghan Lun and Jinkui Yaolue

Author: GuoLiLi
Tutor: TangXueChun
School: Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: Aconite Clinical application Treatise on Golden Chamber
CLC: R222
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Purpose \application basis. Methods This study uses bibliometric analysis methods, \two books disease of aconite clinical applications, herbs, aconite usage and dosage, boiling method, processing methods, whether there is toxic or adverse reactions and their treatment methods. Results from the \Governance after the change card again cholera, as well as the water gas disease, Arthralgia, phlegm disease and sun typhoid Chairman water to drink Syndrome. Aconite main prescription Sini soups (including Sini Decoction Tongmai SND, white through soup, Poria Sini Tang, Sini Tonga ginseng (30%), followed by the Aconite Decoction Guizhi soups plus frequency drug the aconite. aconite compatibility Zhigancao, licorice (both of which accounted for 16.75%), ginger (12.81%). the aconite using processing methods are mainly divided into two categories, the most important one is gun (55%), for the warm and cold dampness; other is born (31.7%) for Yang deficiency. aconite amount for one (51.7%), was translated into modern the amount can be drawn from the literature in powder or pill use unprocessed aconite major amount of between 7.8 g to 100 g (64.3%), decoction application concocted aconite amount of the provisions of 15 grams to 30 grams of total 14 ( 53.8%), the provisions of the dosage from 30 grams to 75 grams a total of 11 (42.3%). use of raw the Aconite prescriptions are decoction, a total of 19 provisions, the amount of time for one to aconite a translation into modern dosage pills, powders application concocted aconite, using boiling above 25 g (containing 25 g), 30 g (containing 30 g). the aconite medication pathways are used orally, no topical described. most end refining pill such as Wu Zi \more \three \reaction provisions of three, two of which are described as \another record adverse Jueni, pharynx dry, the two tibial Juji Zhan language, and the detoxification Recipe Available licorice and dried ginger, peony and licorice performance without special treatment. Soup, Cheng Qi Tang Conclusion In summary, the \to used to the treatment Shaoyin disease; prescriptions: more application Sini soups recipe; Baked Licorice, licorice, ginger compatibility: with aconite compatibility is often chosen to play a live attenuated synergies Zhigancao, licorice constraints aconite Xin Wen Xing, plays harmonic detoxification. raw aconite compatibility dried ginger is mainly used for Yang deficiency; concocted aconite and dried ginger compatibility to enhance the effect of yang and cold. the monkshood Guizhi compatibility with evil unsolved in the treatment of Yang and Chairman Table, yang and wind cold dampness evil or part of the water cold evil also use Aconite and Pinellia compatibility, did not follow the argument of \records related adverse reactions, Aconite and Pinellia of compatibility is not a contraindication. aconite varieties: the application of two books more guns aconite, but also a certain proportion of raw aconite powder or pills Dosage: literature concocted after aconite dosage of 7.8 g to 100 g per dose of powder each time taking only Fangcun Bi pills are refining such Firmianae different components of various drugs, because of the pill which different density, so the number Make pill also different and, therefore, more difficult to assess the dose pills each application concocted after the aconite cooked decoction use of aconite, mainly in the amount of 15 grams to 75 grams. prescriptions are using raw aconite decoction, with volume in more than 25 g (containing 25 grams), 30 g (containing 30 grams). decoction method: application of aconite powder and pills are concocted, powder decoction methods are the \are Fangcun Bi \boiling water to 1 part water, the most important method of medication for the \the amount are a big one, that is, each time you use volume (containing 30 grams 30 grams or less), not to mention the raw aconite need Xian Jian, boiling about 3 parts water to cook to 1 part water , each dose of five close to one liter. adverse reactions: adverse reactions after application aconite, mentioned in the book of \the detoxification prescriptions, clinical prevention and treatment of applications aconite emergence of adverse effects to provide a valuable experience. while the other two provisions, described \, the performance of the drug in the body after not change card after the medication, unlike the adverse reaction, no special treatment. clinical application aconite, how to determine the patient's symptoms \disease response or adverse reaction worthy of further research and exploration.

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