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The Preparation and the Lipid-lowering Activity of the Fucoidan from Sargassum Fusiform

Author: ZhangXiuKun
Tutor: LiBaFang
School: Ocean University of China
Course: Of Food Science
Keywords: sargassum fusiform hypercholesteremia lipid metabolism anti-oxidation Pathology test of liver
CLC: R287
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Fucoidan is a water soluble heteroglycan containing sulfate, which is a special chemical component. Privious researches found that fucoidan show unique efficiency in medicine, it has the activities of anticoagulant , antitumer, anti-HIV, antithrombotic, immunopeptides and Hypolipidemic bioactivities, which the phytocompounds can’t compare with. And the chemical properties of the fucoidan, especially its molecular weight, the content of the Sulfate and fucose have a deep effect on its bioactivities, so today it become a emphase of the nature medicine and marine medicine.There are so many researches on the bioactivites of the fucoidan from Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus, Laminaria japonica, Sargassum thunbergii at the present time, but there are few research on the bioactivities of fucoidan, especially the low molecular weight fucoidan from sargassum fusiform.This paper research on the chemical properties of thd two components F1, F2and their loligosesF1a, F2a of the fuciodan from the sargassum fusiform. The effects of fucoidan and its loligoses on the lipid metabolism were detemined. At the same time, investigation on the effects of four species of polysaccharide on the anti-oxidation possibility in hypercholesteremic rats was conducted. The main results are as follows:The molecular weight of the fucoidan extracted by acid, purified through Q-Sepharose F.F. anion-exchange column, hydrolyzed by dilute acid is respectively 210KD, 160KD, 1.0KD, 1.0KD; the total sugar is respectively 73.6%、70.8%、64.3%、62.1%; the content of SO42- is respectively 9.1%、31.4%、18.5%、25.8%; the content of uronic acid is respectively 17.6%、9.2%、17.2%、8.9%.The hypercholesteremic rats were established by administered orally with high fat diet, and indexes followed were examined. The contents of TC, TG, LDL-C, HDL-C of serum, the contents of TC, TG of liver, and the contents of TC of fecal were detemined; the content of total lipid of fecal was detemined by using weight method. Pathology test on the liver of hypercholesteremic rats.The results showed that four species of polysaccharides could decrease the contents of TC(P<0.01), LDL-C(P<0.05) and the LDL-C/HDL-C(P<0.05) of serum significantly; reduce the contents of TC、TC(P<0.01) of liver effectively; increase the contents of total lipids of fecal significantly(P<0.01); It can be concluded that four species of polysaccharides regulate the lipid metabolism in rats effectively, reduce the accumulation of lipid in body.Comparative investigation on the effect of t four species of polysaccharides on the anti-oxidation possibility in hypercholesteremic rats was conducted through examining the indexes followed. The content of MDA, the activities of GSH-PX、CAT、PODand SOD in serum and liver were determined. The results showed that four species of polysaccharides could reduce the content of MDA both of serum and liver, increase the activity of GSH-PX、CAT(P<0.05)、POD(P<0.05)of serum(P<0.01) and the activities of GSH-PX(P<0.05)、CAT(P<0.01)、POD(P<0.05)and SOD (P<0.01)of liver. It can be concluded that four species of polysaccharides could promote the activities of endogenous anti-oxidation enzymes and reduce the level of peroxidation in body, which attribute to the effect of preventing AS. The tissue slice of liver showed that the liver cell of the model rats were messed up, the fat vacuole increased significantly, and some nucleolus was crushed away. The deformation of the fat of high dose group of F1、F2、F1a、F2a decreased. As the F1a、F2a group were notable. This paper first studied the effects of fucoidan and its loligoses on the lipid metabolism to provide theoretical evidence for the deep develop of sargassum fusiform.

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