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The Question on Transfer of the United Kingdom’s Sovereignty in the Process of European Integration

Author: LiuShiYing
Tutor: YangZuo
School: East China Normal University
Course: Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords: United Kingdom European integration Transfer of sovereignty Margaret Thatcher Blair
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Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Sovereignty is the most important manifestations of a country’s interest, on behalf of the state’s highest authority internal and external independence. In history, national sovereignty is indivisible, non-transferable, Any attempt to split the sovereignty of other countries are considered to be a kind of aggression and power. With the development of globalization, the link between sovereign states is closing. Capital, technology and other factors of production requires the elimination of nation-state sovereignty which hinder the development of globalization barriers. This poses a severe challenge to the country’s economic sovereignty. Under the influence of economic development, the boundaries between domestic politics and international political become increasingly blurred and the phenomenon which domestic political becomes internationalization is increasing. The independent political decision-making power also suffer. An absolute national sovereignty have been gradually replaced by the sovereignty of the theory of relativity.European Community (EU) is a regional cooperation organization which have the strongest economic power, political influence of the largest and the highest level in the regional economic integration organizations. The debate on its nature and direction of development generated from its date. The Confederalists are called the Community into a supra-national nature of the government, while the Federalists advocate the form of cooperation between the governments. Its essence is the one advocating the transfer of sovereignty more to promote the development of community integration, on behalf of the interests of Europe as a whole, the other party is advocating the development of the Community is in the national interest, the development of the Community must not be deprived of the interests of sovereign states. The United Kingdom is a typical representative of federalism.Britain is one of Europe and also a major EU member states. Both in Europe as a whole pattern of international relations, or the integration process in Europe, the United Kingdom is a country that can not be ignored. However, the United Kingdom take alienation skeptical attitude to the UK at the beginning , no real integration into Europe. The reason why the United Kingdomcan not support the Community like France and Germany is the very key factor that the United Kingdom against the supranational nature of the Community, it can not accept the requirements of national sovereignty. Its advantageous geographical location, magnificent historical achievements, advanced culture, the unique system make UK consider its sovereignty important. Britain’s two major political parties, the Conservative Party and the Labor Party, have different attitude to the domestic and foreign policies. They have the same position to the maintenance of national sovereignty. The determining factor is the UK’s national interests.Compare the attitude of two British political parties that they take in the process of the European integration, you will find the consistency of their position. In the issue of institutional reform, Thatcher Government is opposed to have a increasing power of supra-national nature on the European Parliament, the European Commission and against the majority of the voting mechanism to replace the right of veto. While the Blair government has to make concessions on these, but these concessions are very limited, He also agreed to take the effective mechanism for majority voting in a few areas. He is firmly opposed to the implementation of the right to vote in majority voting system in terms of taxation, border, treaties. In the issue of Economic and Monetary Union, Thatcher did not join the exchange rate mechanism, opposition to the establishment of economic and monetary union; Although Tony Blair presided over the other countries to join the euro zone, has refused to join it. In the field of social problems, Thatcher is not allowed the European Community into the country’s internal affairs; Although Tony Blair agreed to sign the <Social Charter>, which is also aimed at better protecting other country against the interference of the special social policy. In the sensitive field of security and defense, they are advocating the development of European defense, and also made great contributions to this. But the aim of British is to take the superior by virtue of their military power to dominate the direction of development of European defense and avoid to the supranational direction.However, with the development of the European Union, the European Union will require more extensive sovereignty of the member states, involving the more sensitive areas. <The EU Constitutional Treaty> and the <Lisbon Treaty> strengthen the EU’s supra-national nature on the provisions of the EU institutional reform and put forward higher requirements to the sovereignty of member states. At the same time, because the power is weaken and the dependence on the EU is strengthen, the United Kingdom is bound to return to Europe. However, if the UK is still to take the non-cooperative attitude to the European integration, the United Kingdom is likely to be placed in the slow development track of the European Union. In this context, how to adjust the policy to Europe is a major problem to the United Kingdom.

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