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Studies of Genetic Parameter Estimation and Genetic Evaluation Using Animal Model BLUP in Holstein Cattle in Xinjiang Hutubi Herd Farm

Author: YeDongDong
Tutor: HuangXiXia
School: Xinjiang Agricultural University
Course: Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction
Keywords: Holstein cattle Genetic parameters BLUP breeding values Total performance index
CLC: S823.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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To investigate suitable for Hutubi cattle farm the Holstein cattle genetic evaluation programs, this study collected Hutubi a cattle farm, animal husbandry, animal husbandry, two games and animal husbandry, three lactating Holstein in the 37 years between 1973 - 2009 in the 19,537 lactation cows production performance records. 8158 including the 1987 - 2009 23 years lactation Holstein cows milk fat, the 4054 rate of milk protein and 18 years from 1987 to 2004, 7154 Milk determination of specific gravity records. Least squares analysis of variance using SAS (8.1) process analysis of the field, year, season, parity, primiparous months of age, five non-genetic factors Holstein cow milk production, calving interval, milk fat, milk protein percentage and the proportion of milk, the results show that: field, year, season, parity, primiparous 5-month-old non-genetic factors on milk volume have a very significant impact (P lt; 0.01); farm, annual, seasonal, AGE AT FIRST, milk yield five non-genetic factors on calving interval has a very significant impact (P lt; 0.01), birth order have a significant impact on calving interval (P lt; 0.05); course, the year, a very significant impact (P lt; 0.01), season 3 non-genetic factors on milk fat the parity and AGE AT FIRST milk fat not statistically significant (P gt; 0.05); annual and seasonal milk protein percentage very significant impact (P lt; 0.01), field milk protein percentage have a significant impact (P lt; 0.05) parities and early production months of age on milk protein percentage of the impact is not significant with (P gt; 0.05); Field , year, season, parity four non-genetic factors on the proportion of a very significant impact (P lt; 0.01), the primiparous months of age were not affected significantly (P gt proportion; 0.05). Division of the fixed effects significantly based on various factors, genetic parameter estimation and genetic evaluation of Holstein cattle using animal model BLUP Method, through MTDFREML Software, estimated milk production, calving interval, milk fat, milk protein percentage related to the proportion of the variance components and heritability of milk yield, fat yield and milk protein content between the genetic effect values ??calculated fixed effects, all individual inbreeding coefficient, as well as the individual milk yield, calving interval, milk fat, milk protein percentage, the proportion of breeding value (EBV), breeding value traits milk yield, milk fat, milk protein percentage developed Hutubi Holstein cattle farm total performance index, a core group elected to stay in the herd. Milk production, calving interval, milk fat, milk protein percentage, the proportion of the heritability of 0.40,0.17,0.42,0.26,0.31 strong positive correlation between milk yield, fat yield and milk protein yield cattle inbreeding coefficient of 0.000264 and; to The field 1993-2008 the Bulls top ten 11101905,94107,11196529,11199995,9608,97314,11199069,90131,9257,9470, TPI values ??were 1107.6,851.1,840.7., 772.5,740.8,587.9,541.1,528.0,520.9,510.1; presence cow top ten were 120060052,120030076,120040062,120050152,320030159,220053349,120040003,120040007,120040014,120050081 TPI were 1789.4 The, 1610.5,1563.7,1528.0,1454.2,1416.6,1410.1,1407.9,1347.8,1299.6. Elected to remain as a core group of 407 cows presence of TPI is greater than 400 the nucleus herd milk yield, milk fat, milk protein percentage and TPI breeding the mean were 826.9,0.054, -0.011,703.5.

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