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Medicine for chronic fatigue syndrome small compound screening studies

Author: LiuXiuFeng
Tutor: LiangMaoXin
School: Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Medical Formulae
Keywords: Qi and eliminate fatigue Drink Chronic fatigue syndrome Puji Fang database management system Loaded swimming Delayed hypersensitivity Hemolysin
CLC: R259
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Objective: To establish the qualitative and quantitative use of ancient and modern literature reveals a combination of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and related disorders TCM drugs law, medicine hair cut herbs combine small compound screening method. Verified by experiments to obtain the exact efficacy of small compound Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine for clinical application and follow-up drug research foundation. Materials and Methods: 1. Using \2 pharmacological method validation experiments qi eliminate fatigue effects drinking the CFS were divided three groups: group 1 selection 18 ~ 22gICR mice 70, SPF grade, male and female, each 10, according to the weight randomly divided into 7 groups, namely blank control group, model control group, qi eliminate fatigue drink low, medium and high (according to the amount of total crude drug 6.5,13,26 g.kg -1 . d -1 ) dose group. Miguel capsules (0.546g.kg -1 . D -1 ) group, compound amino acid capsules (8 ~ 11) (0.273g.kg -1 < / sup>. d -1 ) group, ig administered once daily, continuous 7d, measure and record the swimming time of mice, the time away from the water maze and spleen weight; 2nd \u0026 3rd experimental animals, medication dosage, route of administration and the number of days with the first group, compound amino acid capsules (8 ~ 11) (0.273g/.kg -1 . d -1 ) group to dexamethasone acetate tablets (0.39mg.kg -1 . d) group, mice were measured delayed hypersensitivity and serum hemolysin content changes. Data are used SPSS15.0 for windows software package for statistical processing results of each set of data (x | -) ± s said that the analysis of variance between groups using LSD method for multiple comparisons, P lt; 0.05 considered statistically significant. Results: 1. Qi eliminate fatigue drink low, medium and high dose groups of mice swimming time was (1561 ± 242) s, (1958 ± 605) s, (2394 ± 414) s, compared with the model group was significantly longer ( P lt; 0.01); 2. out from the water maze time was (46 ± 12) s, (42 ± 13) s, (33 ± 7) s, compared with the model group was significantly shorter (P lt; 0.01); 3 . spleen weight difference was not significant (P gt; 0.05); 4. lug weight difference was (1.54 ± 0.57) g, (1.29 ± 0.71) g, (0.84 ± 0.46) g, with the model group lugs Weight the difference between the reduced (P lt; 0.01); 5. A values ??were 0.701 ± 0.360,0.829 ± 0.166,0.929 ± 0.290, compared with the model group, the A value increased (P lt; 0.01). Conclusions: 1. Qi eliminate fatigue drink has anti-fatigue effect. 2 qi eliminate fatigue drink with enhanced role in learning and memory. 3 qi eliminate fatigue drink with increased body cell immunity. 4 qi eliminate fatigue drink with increased humoral immunity. 5. Literature adaptation syndromes → → Select database retrieval, combined with clinical trial to determine for small compound → Experimental studies confirmed that this path is a convenient and practical method for screening small compound.

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