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On the Idea of God in Western Philosophy

Author: WangGuoChang
Tutor: FengXiaoFeng
School: Yan'an University
Course: The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords: Western Philosophy Conception of God Faith Rationality
CLC: B978
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Christianity in ancient Greek philosophy and Christian faith suffered just one of the many religions of the territory of the Roman Empire, there is no other religion can not reach and strengths, both historic opportunity, however, the future became the two important elements in Western culture . Merging the rational spirit of ancient Greek philosophy and Christian belief in the spirit of the common achievements of Western civilization. Of course, the Christian is also working with the fusion of ancient Greek philosophy absorb its rational spirit, improve their own doctrine, and constantly absorbing the ancient Greek philosophy, and transformation, gradually make its own doctrine theorized system, and ultimately own theoretical system - the Christian theology. This paper discusses the philosophy of the idea of ??God with which they are complicated and obscure the relationship, in a sense, Christian theology and Christian philosophy, especially in the long Middle Ages. With the decline of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, it implies the rational spirit has also come to the decline of Christian theology Christian doctrine absorption formed on the basis of the rational spirit of ancient Greek philosophy in the Christian faith, and for the rational spirit of ancient Greek philosophy in medieval heritage has made an indelible contribution to the modern Western philosophy is born directly from incubates, therefore, said Christian theology for the Christian philosophy is also not a bad idea. Western philosophy explore the idea of ??God, that after the encounter of ancient Greek philosophy and Christian faith Christian philosophy until the 19th century German classical philosophy, the idea of ??God. In this period of the history of philosophy, the idea of ??God is rendered as two contrasting philosophical form: medieval Christian faith the idea of ??God and modern philosophy rational view of God. Admittedly, a philosophical theory of evolution are not directly made the leap from a peak another peak, thus the evolution of the idea of ??God has also experienced a long and complex history and logic process. Based on this, we think that for the time being, the medieval Christian belief of God's view of evolution through several stages: first, to the formation of Augustinianism is generated from a Christian. During this time, is in the Christian faith absorption rational spirit of ancient Greek philosophy and the formation of the stage of their own theoretical system, therefore, the faith than rational belief in the absolute dominance rational in the formation of the concept of God just play a supporting role. Then from the scholasticism birth to the establishment of Thomism. In this period, from a macro still is the belief in the idea of ??God, however, due to the emergence of a crisis of faith, to some extent, on rational already gradually penetrated into all aspects of the Christian faith, and contributed to the spread of the Christian faith and secular, Christian doctrine was perfected. At this point, in the interior of the dual theory of truth \Thomas denied the theory, though not completely, but make a new interpretation of the double truth just to reach the same truth two human ways of knowledge, reason and faith is the same thing, and God is the only truth. With the launching of the Renaissance and Reformation Movement, autocratic and feudal system of medieval church followed the collapse of the rational spirit of revival in Europe, coupled with the rise of the modern natural sciences and so all the appearance of modern Western philosophy to create good atmosphere, laid a solid foundation. Took the banner of the rational modern Western philosophy, rallied to move on. Of course, more than a thousand years of the Middle Ages also the hearts of Westerners left a deep imprint, continue with the same in God the Westerners life in the home of the soul, therefore, modern philosophy still leaves God presence. However, this God is not already in the old Christian philosophy of God, became rational spokesperson. Overall the idea of ??God in the modern Western philosophy is a rational view of God, however, from the beginning of the birth inherited Debates medieval realism and nominalism to form two distinct features of the philosophical schools: inherited nominalism On the traditional British school of empiricism and continental rationalism school to accept the mantle of realism. The former is the naturalization of the idea of ??God, which is the rational view of God (naturally mainly refers to natural reason, experience rational, rational in the day-to-day sense or intellectual sense, rational mainly refers to speculative reason). As a result, the Christian philosophy of faith in God naturalization and rational replaced. Rational dominated era, God gradually rational captured final fade philosophy. Contest between reason and faith, to the re-establishment of rational authority ended. A comprehensive view of the above Western philosophy in the course of the evolution of the idea of ??God, fundamentally speaking, is a rational difficult in Western philosophy Revival Road.

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