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Biomechanical Analysis of Pelvic Movement in Yang Style Taijiquan "Louxiaobu" Stance

Author: Tania Emi Sakanaka
Tutor: XuWeiJun
School: Beijing Sport University
Course: Ethnic Traditional Sports
Keywords: Taijiquan Brush Knee Twist Step Pelvic movement Infrared movement stroke catch Force platform
CLC: G852.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Taijiquan is not only a sports project is an important part of traditional Chinese culture, it is very popular in the world. Now Taijiquan scientific and standardized mode of transmission standards, has affected the popularity of tai chi in the international promotion. Technical training in tai chi community has always been great importance to the theoretical aspects are often ignored by practitioners. This will limit the development of boxing, and the reason is because of cultural differences. Created by hundreds of years of training experience, tai chi theory is a traditional Chinese culture and language to explain the theory of tai chi movements. Some the basic rationale boxing essentials, such as \The reason is that only in mastering these concepts can be understood on the basis of traditional Chinese culture. In order to help practitioners understand the connotation of training theory, we use the scientific method to analyze the Tai Chi exercise techniques, the use of a common international biomechanical approach to illustrate the cultural essence of Taijiquan. Tai chi boxing management concept a lot, to be studied in this paper is about Taijiquan theory and turning at the waist and spine, rotating the waist and hips, to explain the tai chi brush knee and twist step action, ridge, waist, Health Physics, changes in motion of the hip. Three joints of the parts of the body is the pelvis, due to the movement of the pelvis revolving movement along a specific axis in the ridge, waist, hip, in tandem with its coordinated and synchronized movement. Sports biomechanics, kinematics and dynamics of the measurement method, the essence of the movement of tai chi practitioners pelvis research, draw different technical level practitioners to complete Yang style Taijiquan brush knee twist step process, the pelvic movement. some of the technical features of the guidance. Tai Chi exercise, pelvic movement in \The pelvis vertically about the Z-axis and Y-coronal axis rotation amplitude variation should be large, and the sagittal axis is rotated about the X-amplitude change to be small. Straight forward when the body is not Zhitui but the spin shift forward shift. If the angle of the direction of the pelvis of a small change, the other angle direction change. Such action will smooth the road, and be able to maintain the action revolving movement of resistance. Small amplitude variations to maintain body \-Step process, the center of gravity shift to the roundabout and around the heel, because about the Z-axis vertically magnitude larger, so the pelvis around the Y-coronal axis backwards. Pelvis backwards, torso throughout Luqiu become a straight line can be better as the rotary shaft of the body, in order to better rotation perpendicular to the Z-axis. Double support phase, the heel to lunge, pelvis around the Z-vertical angle X-sagittal, and Y-coronal three-axis rotation curve changes. This phenomenon is the reaction of the arrow quiver, pelvic rotation and ready to build fresh meaning.

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