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Study on the Organizational Structure Reformation of Enterprise

Author: DongZeJia
Tutor: MaKeLi
School: Jilin University
Course: Business management
Keywords: organizational structure model change trend
CLC: F272.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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The world today is in a time of change, change is the only constant. Economic globalization, universal access to information, knowledge sharing and so on dramatic changes in the external environment, requires that each company must complete change of their own in order to adapt to this changing environment, so as to achieve their strategic objectives. The organizational structure is a fundamental of business survival, good organizational structure enables more efficient business operations, so the overall business structure change should first start. The face of dramatic changes in the external environment, complexity and uncertainty, organizational structure, how to change when change is particularly important.This paper presented the background of changes in organizational structure, environment: to information, the representative of the economy into a new wave of rapid economic development; market competition is more complex, business to business competition is no longer a simple relationship exists In the interest of mutual cooperation; diversification of customer needs and the increasing personalization, etc.; the various aspects of changes are required in the organizational structure must change and adjust strategic objectives and business model can not be eliminated by external changes. In the analysis of the business environment where the background, then presents the purpose and significance of this writing, through the organizational structure of traditional and modern theoretical research, comparison of the various organizational structure, organizational structure changes in factors affecting the analysis of the future organization Prospects for the Development Structure of enterprises making the reader a clear understanding of the organizational structure and systems of understanding, the future growth of the enterprise learn to play the role. This literature review of the way through the foreign and domestic have been changes on the organization listed in the relevant research results, a clear change in the organizational structure of research, the results which we should learn, what are the follow-up of less than worthy of our and discussed. In the second chapter defines the concept of organizational structure and its core content should include: complexity, standardization, centralization and decentralization of. There are also inter-enterprise organizational structure, which is the extension of the concept of organizational structure. Concept in the organizational structure and extension of some understanding, a brief analysis of the organizational structure of the content change: adapt to changes in the external environment to achieve organizational strategic goals of the necessary means. Concept in understanding the basis of the existing organizational structure of the classical theory of review, including Taylor, Fayol, Weber’s classic theory of the traditional organizational structure, conduct scientific theory of organizational structure, systems and contingency view of organizational structure view Organization theory and the new organizational structure of schools of theory, and through analysis to find the existence of these theories and shortcomings of rationality, for the organizational structure behind the future development trend of the theoretical basis. Organizational structure in accordance with Chapter III of chronological development, systems analysis and comparison of the different organizational structure, organizational structure model proposed for the rational allocation and use of corporate human resources, configuration management level and extent of separation of functions departments provide a good basis. At the same time to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each organizational structure, and adapt to what they are businesses, enterprises look for a suitable organizational structure of the model provides a certain frame of reference. Chapter IV on the impact of changes in organizational structure to conduct a comprehensive analysis of factors, including changes in business outside of the macro environment and micro-enterprise development environment, including organizational structure, the driving force of change factors and impeding factors, through their own analysis to identify the factors which influence how the organizational structure of the enterprise reform, why they will have an impact and how the impact for change has made a number of factors hinder the feasibility of a high response methods, the purpose of writing this chapter is to enable enterprises to external environment and its high sensitivity to changes, always pay attention to changes in the environment around the impact on their own, at the right time to make the necessary changes. Chapter Review and Based on the above theoretical analysis of their research, summed up the overall organizational structure of the future trend of development, change internal organizational structure of the trend, such as flat, flexible, discrete and so on, but also includes business between the organizational structure change with the business trends, such as network, virtual. Fuzzy boundaries and so on, and according to selected characteristics of the different sectors of the industry representative analysis, including modern manufacturing enterprises, real estate development companies, high-tech enterprises and service enterprises, through the characteristics of these enterprises within the industry analysis to find a suitable organizational structure of their mode of development can not be used as our industry changes in the organizational structure of enterprises or companies in other industries by reference. Finally, to end the form of case studies, as this theory is strong, and as part of the organizational structure of the more abstract, the reader is difficult to separate the theory by introducing structural integrity of the organization have a clear understanding, therefore, changes in the organizational structure of the Lenovo Group, conducted all-round analysis, select Lenovo because it is very successful in the domestic enterprises, the development of track and structure changes are more standardized and modular, by expanding and mature Lenovo changes in the course of the analysis of organizational structure, to achieve the purpose of theory with practice, making theory more clarity and specific. I hope this study will provide future growth for the company some valuable suggestions.Writing this article for all businesses with strong theoretical, and especially in the traditional and the modern theory of organizational structure changes, the analysis of organizational structure and organizational factors in the Development section. Different enterprises, but also has some application, each enterprise has its own characteristics, how to choose according to their own characteristics of the organizational structure for the development to achieve the enterprise’s strategic goal is to have each business leaders issues to consider. At the same time this also has a corresponding target, the more important today selected four sectors, analysis of industry characteristics and the combination of the previous theories put forward a specific organizational structure. Finally, I hope this study will provide future growth for the company some valuable suggestions.

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