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Synthesis of β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex and Its Analytical Appliation

Author: DingLiXiu
Tutor: HeJiang
School: Lanzhou University
Course: Analytical Chemistry
Keywords: Inclusion β- cyclodextrin Inclusion ratio Inclusion constants Guest molecules Phase solubility diagram Fluorescence Inclusion reaction Supramolecular chemistry Synthesis Analytical Applications Drug molecules Modified Method With compounds cyclodextrin Chemically modified Characterization Preparation Complex Pack cooperation with
CLC: O636.12
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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β-Cyclodextrin (β-CD), as one typical guest molecules, has a very wide application in the field of supramolecular chemistry. There are some special properties ofβ-cyclodextrin:a hydrophilic exterior, but hydrophobic interior. The cavity size ofβ-CD is 7.8 A. These two important factors determine that various guest molecules must be selective encapsulated into the cavity ofβ-cyclodextrin. The common guest molecules, included organic molecules, inorganic ions and metal coordination compounds. After the formation of P-cyclodextrin inclusion complex, some physical and chemical properties of guest molecules, such as solubility, stability and optical properties, will be significant improved at some extent.Naturalβ-cyclodextrin has lower solubility in water. In order to overcome its own shortcomings, It is paid more and more attention that naturalβ-CD has been increasingly modified by many researchers. Thus, a variety ofβ-cyclodextrin derivatives, namely, the modifiedβ-cyclodextrins are obtained gradually.. Modified P-cyclodextrin could not only increase its solubility in water, but also improve the selectivity. The guest molecules are included with these modifiedβ-cyclodextrin, which can further improve their physical and chemical properties.In summary,β-cyclodextrin and modified P-cyclodextrin as well as their host-guest inclusion complex held some unneglectable position in the field of supramolecular chemistry, whose applications mainly refer to analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, agriculture and food chemistry, biochemistry, materials chemistry and so on.Two aspects of innovative ideas were performed in this paper:1.Two newβ-CD inclusion complex and a modifiedβ-CD inclusion complex were the first time synthesized and charactered by our group. After the formation of inclusion complexes, the nature of the guests’ fluorescence spectrum has been improved and their thermal stability has been enhanced.2.Studies on the supramolecular system were carried out, on the base of the great enhancement of the fluorescence intensity of guest molecules, spectrofluorimetric methods were established to determine them in real samples.This dissertation consists of four chapters:Chapter 1:Introduction. This part generally describes the structural characteristics as well as physical and chemical properties ofβ-CD, preparation and classification of modified cyclodextrin, preparation methods and characterization tools of inclusion complex and the application of P-CD.Chapter 2:Study onβ-cyclodextrin inclusion of Zn(II) aromatic complex and its analytical application. A newβ-CD inclusion complex was firstly synthesized and charactered, and then the spectrofluorimetric method was used to determine 2-hydroxy-l-naphthyl acid in waste water.Chapter 3:Studies on the host-guest inclusion system of P-cyclodextrin with hematoxylin. A new solidβ-CD inclusion complex was firstly synthesized and charactered, and then the supramolecular system of P-CD with hematoxylin was studied by fluorescence spectra, UV-VIS absorption spectra and circular dichroism spectra.Chapter 4:Studies on a novel host-guest inclusion system and its analytical application. A novel modifiedβ-CD inclusion complex was firstly synthesized and charactered, and then the spectrofluorimetric method was used to determine 4-acetamino phenol in tablets and human serum.

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