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A Reserch into Brand Construction of College of Humanities & Information the Changchun University of Technology

Author: MaQingHui
Tutor: ZouGuoQing
School: Jilin University
Course: Business management
Keywords: Private Colleges (Independent Institute) brand brand building
CLC: G649.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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China’s private education since the 1980s has re-emerged, breaking the public education dominate the situation has changed my school education, the main single, low-quality education system disadvantages for China’s education market has added vigor and vitality. In 2003, "Private Education Promotion Law," the introduction of more private education in the development of policies and legal support and protection. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the development of private education in China is still faced with many crises and tests. As a result, private education operators should first think about is how to make China’s private education to further develop and grow. In the case of the market economy developed, as have colleges and universities by the state administrative organs and institutions of a unified management with independent schools into a qualified legal person already operating in the market and transportation capacity to do so, especially in private than in public colleges and universities and colleges and universities The more closely fit the market, so private colleges and universities can use their own brands that take advantage of running on the road to meet the needs of consumers to build the school characteristics, strict quality teaching to create its own dominant position in order to establish brand Banner, in the fierce competition and a place in the ensuing forward.College of Humanities&Information the Changchun University of Technology is one of the main body of market competition, with the main body of China’s higher education investment diversification, the growing diversity in the form of running schools, education and the supply of further expansion, the educated have more options , College of Humanities&Information the Changchun University of Technology to increase competition in the market. Need to keep a clear yes, whether in school history, disciplines, teachers or are not well-known and foreign-run colleges and universities and colleges outside the province and even some private schools set up earlier the same day and language. As a result, College of Humanities&Information the Changchun University of Technology -oriented construction of the school’s hardware and software at the same time should school building brands to a strategic, it is necessary to recognize the brand in the School Development important role in brand awareness and enhance the reputation of the school to be able to Brought about by the excellent sound effects and effectiveness of the school, the competition is the key to winning setting a good brand reputation. Therefore, to establish brand awareness, brand strategy, College of Humanities&Information the Changchun University of Technology is vital, direct impact on the life and death of a healthy and sustainable development of the College of Humanities&Information the Changchun University of Technology must attach importance to brand building.First of all papers from the College of Humanities&Information the Changchun University of Technology sponsoring the status quo, and the problems faced by the competition to start on College of Humanities&Information the Changchun University of Technology only to strengthen brand building, brand management strategy in order to form the advantages and enhance competitiveness. And then from the brand-building in three stages, namely the planning stage, all-round construction stage of the brand and brand influence the formation of the layers in three phases to start.The planning stage to do a good job in brand positioning. Brand positioning is a comprehensive analysis of target markets and competition under the premise of the original product line with the creation of a unique brand image and brand image of the overall design, communication, so as to occupy the minds of consumers in the target a value of the unique status of the process Or actions. Its goal is to focus on the psychological feelings of consumers, is a way to the overall brand image design, in real terms is based on the characteristics of the target consumers, product design and dissemination of the brand value of the property in order to target customers in the hearts of the formation of a unique brand position. College of Humanities&Information the Changchun University of Technology is also the implementation of the "Learning Center, the first moral" approach to education, the formation of a "student-friendly, love education," school concept, put forward "a two-high" strong professional skills, dedication and Strong spirit of innovation, the overall quality of high school characteristics.Brand-building phase of College of Humanities&Information the Changchun University of Technology to be used CIS strategy. It is the business idea and image of the position adopted by the visual design as well as internal and external communication, so as to establish a distinctive corporate image, brand to achieve a higher profile, good reputation, and ultimately higher the brand loyalty Systematic approach. Including the concept of recognition, shape recognition and visual recognition for, these are three indispensable, only three coordinated operation of the CIS should be able to play in their effectiveness. It is in the integration of these three schools in the use of the brand’s image to have been shaping and dissemination of the school’s brand personality and charm to realize the full.Brand influence in the formation stage to do a good job in brand marketing and maintenance. Stage to promote the use of the media attention to the brand image of the establishment of a social awareness; educated and parents to use their own propaganda, to improve the credibility of the school; to strengthen exchanges and expand the school’s reputation. We should devote our efforts to maintain phase of the school building, the construction of campus culture, the development of strict rules and regulations, the public should pay attention to crisis management.In conclusion, that brand building is the Changchun University of Technology School of Humanities Information century-old heritage of the achievements of the foundation, it has a long-term, sustained and systematic, global and full of features, and so on. College of Humanities&Information the Changchun University of Technology must be brand-building project on the work of all the most important task. Only after several years or even decades, private colleges and universities can really train a recognition by society, has its own unique brand, it is can not be achieved once and for all and the only intensive, continuous improvement can be a big fish hanging out long-term, construction Into a longing to make students, social support, talent, good reputation of the Far institutions of higher learning, the school finally tasted the fruits of brand building.In this paper, mainly in brand positioning, brand CIS design, brand, brand, such as the maintenance of brand-related theory for the theoretical basis for research and development of the corresponding applied to College of Humanities&Information the Changchun University of Technology integrated set of brand marketing initiatives.

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