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The Campus Network Directory Service System Based on Grid

Author: MengXueMei
Tutor: LiuYanZuo
School: Jilin University
Course: Computer System Architecture
Keywords: grid OGSA directory service system LDAP element directory service collection of directoryservices
CLC: TP393.18
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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With the improvement of the education information level, various on-lineapplication systems are emerging constantly on the campus networks. Theinformation management systems and network resources are playing a huge role.However, these systems lack global planning when theyare constructed, alldifferentare the system architecture, data structure, operating platform, access method andso on, for which it is very difficult to exchange data and share information on thesystems.Theemergence of grid technologyto solve thisproblem isto provide anewprogram. Grid is to be able to integrate a broad geographical distribution ofresources, including computing resources, storage resources, communicationresources, software resources, information resources, knowledge resources,valuable equipment and special equipment as well as a variety of services. Andthese resources, being integrated on a large scale through high-speed network, canprovide on-demand accessfeatureswhich an individual ora group of computers cannot, and bring unprecedented computing power. Grid can realize the large-scalescience, engineering and business cooperation among its members in the virtualorganizations, can realize the long-range experiments, the high-performancedistributed computing and data analysis, can realize the resources and personnelcoordination in the virtual organizations, can fully integrate the experts in all fieldsand various resources, solving problems in a collaborative way and saving time andcosts greatly. However, the design and realization of the campus computing gridarchitecture can not onlymake the campuscomputingresourcesbefullyutilized andexpand some of the expensive user base of resources which cannot be copied, butalso eliminate the resources-isolated islands and information-isolated islands andprovide users with a safe, reliable and scalableWeb application environment. Bythebrower from any computer on the Internet, any users through the identityauthentication can log in to the campus computing grid application platform, submitthe serial or parallel operation, monitor and manage the implementation of theoperation in time through the monitor device and the resource monitor. The resourcemanagement is one of the key technologies among the campus grid and directory service is one of the most important bottom technologies in the resourcemanagement system. Therefore, the paper focuses on the study of the campusnetwork directoryservice.It is very difficult to share the resources and interoperate data and a variety ofheterogeneous resources can not beeffectively managed in the complex structure ofthe traditional campus network, which is comprised of many heterogeneous,sub-networks. In addition, there is little public storage space on the campus networkor a little which is far from enough to meet the demands, and there is no more harddisk space to store more information, and data, so there are considerable limitationson the data that the campus network offer us to study and apply. For this reason, inthe light of the abundance of the resources with wide range and highlyheterogeneous condition under the campus network environment, this paper putsforward a service-oriented campusgrid-levelsystem architectureand service-visitingmodels . Campus grid structure is divided into three sublayers, the first layer beingTGS of backbone grid services, the second layer being CGS of the campus gridservice, the third layer being a registered service providers or users (thoserequesting service). In the hierarchical model, with the physical resources beingpackaged into services and classified into virtual services, grid services make betterabstract and a unified interface. The directory service is the key, which provides theinformation of service providers for service consumers. Service providers or serviceconsumers(usersorapplications)establishtherelationbetweensupplyanddemandof the service providers and service consumers through the "temporary" marketprovided by the virtual organization by means of services and consultation. Thispaper makes a detailed analysis of the content and working principle of theLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and it researches and designs thecampus network directoryservice system.In order to improve the extensibility, stabilityand efficiencyof the system, theedge-backbone layer directoryservice system is constructed bymeans of LDAPwhich is regarded as the present standard of directoryservice. In the system, thedirectoryserver is categorized into the edge directoryserver and the backbonedirectoryserver. In the campus grid of layered ceremony, the backbone directoryserver plays the role of the parent nodesof the edge directoryserver and the role ofthe sub-node of the higher central directoryserver.The edge directoryserver playsthe role of the parent node the specific resources node and theroleof the sub-nodof the backbone directory service. Thispaperfullyresearches on the operating modeland structure of the edge-backbone hierarchical directoryservice system, and thedirectory description, backup,fault-tolerant, polymerization, split, copy, positioning,update of directory and so on.It makes a detailed description of the functions and thestorage data structure of the edge directory server and the backbone directory server.It also discussesand designs the directoryintegration and information managementmodel. It compilesthe service discoveryalgorithm which is compatible with thesystem structure.In the system, directoryinformation securitymanagement iscritical.Therefore, thispaperdiscusses the system securityfrom the four aspects: the userauthentication, data integrity, data confidentiality, user authorization.With the rapid development of the high-performance application demand, as thekey next-generation Internet technology, the grid technology realizes the intelligencesharing of the information resources and knowledge resources. Under the campusnetworke nvironment,the application of grid technology realizes the resource sharingof the campus network. Which has a more positive role in promoting the informationanddigitaltechnologyofhigherlearning?Asanewtechnology,thegridtechnologyismaturing constantly and its future applications in the grid are worthy of being furtherstudied. The directory service is also an evolving technology; it will have a very widerange of applications in the grid. Many companies and research institutes are alsoresearching fully on its directory structure, security control and the directory accesstechnology. With the continuous development and improvement of the directoryservice technology, it will be applied in a greater scope for it has some advantagesunmatched bythe relational database.

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