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A Office Automatic System Basing on Workflow

Author: GongQingTao
Tutor: ZhouBin
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: workflow office automation digital signature encryption
CLC: TP317.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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The workflow technology is to collaborate all the business sectors by transferring related information and human resources in certain orders to make the office business automation. The implementation of the office automation of Intranet is presented in this paper. The theory of workflow management system, the workflow model and modeling method are introduced firstly. Then according to the business of archives’flow in the institute, the author designed and implemented the office automation system, including the developed mode,structure of system,whole functional module and the like,and give the workflow mode of OAS of this Government community. Jsp/Servlet/JavaBean technology and B/S structure are applied, and the security problem of archives’flow are also concerned in this system. This system includes eight models: official document’s management, vehicle’s management, conference’s management, personal affair, workflow engine, system management, public information and safety authentication. It has well completeness.This system adopts to the B/S structure based on the relation database, the characteristics of the B/S structure is adopting browser form when the customer carry to operate the interface in internet.Behind the customer port that is application sever and database sever , the customer carries to pass the browser interview server and connect with each other server, sending out the data request,it take the database out and to Calculate from the application server to ( or called WEB) Backstage server .server take out the data to combine the proceeding compute, returning the result to browser, this si in keeping with the whole operation process.Very in keeping with the search of the information with organize;Interface amity and beautiful;the cost of Development difficulty and the maintenance is low, cross-platform is good, usage convenience si fast.System adopts the Jsp/ Servlet/ the technique of JavaBean,backstage database adopts Sql Server2000.The JSP can transplant strongly, the efficiency is highly that carry out and inherited the phonetic advantage, usage in Java Java Beans to strengthen the server carrys the module function and can visit the database of all main currents.According to the WEB the solution of OA has got the obvious advantage:The system adaptability is strong;Needs to make to install with support on the server;Usage browser this is simple to use easily but the united interface comes to visit to ask, its interface is very friendly.The operation is simple, easy to learn use easily, accept for the customer easily;System is safe, dependable, it can expand strongly.The use of Workflows Technique needs to solute any problem:what is Operating process ( from which activities and the mission constitutes, is also the definition on the construction), how to do( the activity carries out term, rule and a definition for alternant information, and also is control flowing with information flowings) and who comes to do( person or calculator application procedure, is also a definition to organizes the role), what makes out .( pass the workflow to manage the system to carry out the process proceed to supervise and control)In reality,the category of the work is physically numerous, accept the text, set out the text, information record , the document returns back to file, meeting arrangement, vehicle arrangement etc..Its characteristics is a work general be transacted by many personnel help to complete, and match to transact the rule certainly between them.Each work is gathered by a mission to a text file object to deliver with handles with the mission of relation gathering constituting, mission gathering is gathering independent work item , distinguishing from particular personnel or acting for to handling mission relation.The mission delivers direction as the workflow in the concept is from the choice, but the rules of the workflows in the concept, now for transacting the work performs that is have the different control information in different mission, and expression for different appearance.The official document handles business is one of the most importent and Complicacy business,also is to transact the automation of the most basic function.But the official document usually handles to express to an official document to flow to turn the process, the official document flows is to transact the document from draft to return back to file,between each section of flowing and turning process.The quantity of the official document is that turn to relate to transact with result directly the automation revolves efficiencyThe official document management can realize the area inside accepts the text, sets out text , examines and approves etc. works that have no paper turn to transact;Realizing the electronical text file manages, providing the convenient text file search with record;Realizing the automation handles process with proceed together the workflow;Supporting the long range transacts with move to transact etc..Flow to turn the way with the official document according to the kind of the category, official document of the official document, complete the official document of every kind of standard, norm the management the mode with the process, also support the customer from definite of, vivid official document management mode with process, realizes to regard accepting the text, set out text as the official document management of the core automate.The work flows engine be according to process template an information for providing, hand over to the customer to the concrete mission to complete. After landing, customer can find out own mission row form, win an election to choose after carrying out, in advance the applied procedure that set up will be activated.In carried out applied procedure of process, an applied procedure for adjusting using meeting exchanges the data with the engine.The engine can find out the appearance of the current movement according to the homologous process template, being completed the mission empress,the engine of the Workflows gets the feedback, will press process template to hand over to a person to the mission, until completing the whole work.The Workflows have two big data, on ising a text file belonged to the Text data, one is the Workflow date .The text file date belongs to the data changed by customer operation, process control data is changed by workflow preface .In handle process,each function mold can reviewing the person who Participates and completes,again these personses information will be writed in to the area inside relatedly. according to its the response( the system provides the response that customer can do contain approval with refuse two kinds of) that to do modifies ,then pass the reviewing of the next movement to the text file.Finally, according to handle result will have not the text file that examine and approve at the reviewing of individual treats.the technique of the Workflows writes the plait of the procedure with operating the mode separates, realizes nicely its expand , and adopt new zoom environment to turn the process , using a the door that can press process, link and fly to three outline vegetables proceed the process from the definition, realizing well the system reply to use the sex, making the product even vivid to turn with the character.The arithmetic figure signature is a data to direct to use the password by calculate way, treat the date to proceed to encrypt, born a data summary information attaches to send out together on the original text, similar signature in the actuality in this information or an official seal, receive the square as to it’s proceed the verification, judge the original text true or false. While circulating system, check to seek the customer information form to discriminate the logging customer with the password according to the customer account number and password.If that is legal, binding with the customer and information in attestation together, make sure the customer should have the legal power .Otherwise return the mistake,blockading the interview of that customer.In system, meaning an organization or job in the groups or posts make use of the role;Contacting every kind of power of the operation can show each of role legal power ;Compare with customer with the legal power, the role is an opposite and stable concept, a role of the customer for owning may usually change, but the legal power of the role is oppositily fix.Like this,it is offering into practice tremendous flexibility for definition and puting safe strategy in system .At present, the system has been applied in daily use. The efficiency of office business has been improved greatly, including the management of archives and meeting, the publishing of new information, etc. The system has gained great social benefit.

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