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Young People Self-rating Depression Scale Statistical Analysis System

Author: ZhengZuo
Tutor: JiangZhiQiang
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: Self-rating Depression Scale t-test Statistical analysis Retrieval
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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In contemporary society, as the young students to learn, employment, economic and family in areas such as the pressure is too great,can easily lead to psychological and spiritual disease, Because student energetic aspect’s disease causes the campus malignant event already occurred are many, therefore the national Ministry of Education and each big university thinks regarding student’s psychologically healthy education especially important. Nowadays, each big university not only places the focal point professor in the science and culture knowledge, is also takes seriously more and more regarding student’s psychologically healthy. This topic research is discovered as soon as possible the student psychologically healthy the unusuality, as well as found the most effective means to cure the student psychological disease.Understood promptly student’s psychological condition, to already produced the depression student to carry on the positive treatment to be already imminent. Many renowned psychologists undergo many year experiences to point out that the physical training regarding prevents to have the positive tangible effect with the treatment depression. In overseas, as early as MA Hamilton has established "Hamilton in 1960 despondent meter (HRSD)", in 1967 has published the new edition. The Hamilton despondent meter is when the evaluation despondent condition uses the most widespread most universal meter, some 17 contents, several pass through the revision, the development is only 24 items originally. Each item has the explanation and the grading instruction, this meter is the classical despondent evaluation meter, durable does not fade, moreover the method is simple, the standard is clear, may use in the depression anxious, sickness and so on many kinds of disease’s symptom evaluations, especially is suitable for the depression. This method while exercises body’s, will let the human will also maintain in the psychology one kind of positive upward point of view and the optimistic manner.This topic research plans in line with the physical training to the body and mind good function foundation, further discusses the different movement project to the depression student’s psychological process difference, then to this research proposed that has enhances the academic value the opinion. Its actual content is:1. With practices two aspects from the theory to discuss: Whether the different project’s sports will have the different improvement and the mediation to the depression.2. The depression university the adaptation degree which hammers to the sports.3. The male female student exercises between the project the difference.This software system’s development design is for the purpose of assisting thetopic research to be able to facilitate quick advance, is mainly carries on tests whether to have the depression, and carries on the statistical analysis according to the data.This project research depression symptom test topic come from Self-rating Depression Scale (SDS) which is written by W.K.Zung in the 1965. The SDS is handy and reflects all-sided, exact, rapid status of dumps.This meter from comments the meter for the short distance, the ease of operation, easy to grasp, factor influences and so on age, sex, financial circumstance, the application scope is quite not been broad,is suitable for each kind of occupation, the cultural social stratum and the age section normal person or each kind of mental patient. Including young people patient, old age patient and neurosis patient. Is also suitable specially for the General hospital already early time discovery depression patient.This topic research has two big characteristics, respectively is presently comes out in the method and in the configuration of organization upper body.In method characteristic: Jogged without the pain with music partner jogs is advantageous jogged in the reduction the tonality mood, once added the movement pleasant sensation, could play the positive mediation to the psychology. Moreover does not use any medicine the involvement, does not have any poisonous side effect. While exercised body’s also to exercise the physical and moral integrity, jogged in the young people as well as in the middle and old age social group is the very healthy upward movement. We must insist to jog the movement, it also has other to the bodily beneficial effect, for example increases the vital capacity, strengthens the body flexiblely and so on, this topic research also has is for the purpose of the function which encourages the young students to carry on jogs.Configuration of organization characteristic: Adopts the laboratory technician with the trying sign agreement way, is advantageous in the guarantee research quality. Attends the experiment is also the student, is advantageous in enhances the modern young students’ psychologically healthy index, regarding treats young students’ depression to have the positive instruction function, then may promote to the entire social stratification plane.I hope this software can be found for the young students and improve depressionmore effective way to play a role.

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