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Daqing Oilfield Electric Power Corp. Goods and Material Management Information System Design and Practice

Author: YuXiJie
Tutor: WangZuoXuan
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: power enterprises information technology material management .Net B/S process optimization
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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This paper according to the Daqing oilfield Electric power Corporation of materials management information system requirements, design and development of the Group of electricity in line with the actual needs of the business, "the power supplies of the Group Management Information System", improve and upgrade the level of material management, so as to enhance the management of advanced economic effectiveness. The author of this paper participate in the process of building design and implementation, according to the objective reality of Daqing Oilfield, based on Daqing Oilfield existing management and coding standards so that the whole system is stable and efficient operation.This system is investigating and studying fully Daqing oilfield Electric power Corporation and subordinate, the Subordinate unit main production process operation flow, widely has absorbed the line managers to the service, in the informationization suggestion foundation, has established the electric power corporation enterprise informationization plan design proposal, has formulated information plan a series of standards, enables the enterprise goods and material handling level promotion, the superintendent to be possible the important information which needs through this system gain goods and material handling decision-making, the Department concerned may carry on the surveillance to goods and material handling each link, realizes the entire goods and material handling data unification, convenient user reporting plans the examination which and leads, realizes on-line automation to complete completely, obtains the very high economic efficiency sumSocial efficiency.This system using advanced development tools, Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2003, and B / S (Browser / Server) structure. Database using the most advanced ORACLE database. A three-tier application: 1, said layer (UI); 2, the logic layer; 3, data access layer.The whole system focus on building materials data center, storage and management of Daqing Oil Field power Group all the user data, materials and Accounts data. And to rely on the information network linking the headquarters and subordinate units, eventually forming a cover power enterprise. Daqing Oilfield Group of electricity through materials management information systems, its subordinate units of material management into the computer system. Will focus on purchasing and procurement of materials since the demand for plans, purchase orders, delivery management, billing management, storage management group at the level of unified management, control and tracking.According to the system work’s local characteristic, we divide goods and material handling’s flow into the project management, procurement management, the warehousing management, the appropriation management, the settlement management, the system administration and so on six basic modules. Manages link’s function to be as follows respectively: 1st, commodity project management: The commodity project management divides into according to the plan type: The engineering project management, the item repair the project management, the monthly plan management, the makeshift plan to manage four big modules. 2nd, commodity procurement management: The acquisition of materials purchase divides into manages the commodity and from buys the commodity. To manage the commodity to be possible to derive is the EXCEL form newspaper commodity equipment company unifies the purchase, to from buys the commodity, after the central leader and the service examination, the purchase way’s determination, the commodity code’s revision, forms the buying plan. 3rd, commodity stock management: Conforms to the warehousing condition commodity to go into storage. To arrive at the storehouse commodity, the warehouse should and so on pertinent data carry on the approval based on the commodity plan, may go into storage after the storehouse commodity approval qualified side. 4th, commodity appropriation management: Plan which reports based on the Basic unit, carries on the appropriation to the inventory objective, forms adjusts the allocation list. 5th, commodity settlement management: Need the commodity the electric power group respective various units to the inventory management center according to the plan appropriation, the group finance may carry on the internal settlement automatically through the system. 6 system administrations: This part is overall system’s core, all units, the post, the user, as well as the user jurisdiction, the service jurisdiction, the inquiry scope hypothesis is in this module hypothesis, other quite important function switch, function option and so on, is also completes in this module.*This achievement uses the key technologies includes: ISO series international management standard, project management method, Barrett theory, information plan method, business diagnosis method, system analysis method, data analysis method.Its innovation spot lies in: In the domestic enterprise informationization plan design using the ISO series international management standard, the project management method, the Barrett theory, the PDCA theory of circulation, the document package of job control, the cost fixed quantity control, zero flaw management, zero stock management and so on advanced management concept, proposed for the first time to the electric power corporation’s production management process the massive optimized improvement suggested that manifests optimizes, the system analysis and system planning various aspects in the operation flow; After describing the information system implementation production management process software’s function as well as to the enhancement which manages on brings.*Standardized thought the domestic electric power profession standardization practice proved that raises organization’s management level and the synthesis strength through the implementation advanced management standard is a practical and feasible way. The standard which introduces in Daqing Petroleum Administrative bureau Electric power Corporation information planned project includes: International standard thought that profession standard, equipment service craft standard (ABCD graduation), overhaul norm cost, information plan standard, organizations and agencies chart plan standard, operation flow plan standard, business diagnosis standard, system analysis standard, data analysis standard and so on.*The centralism key, the classification controls to introduce the handkerchief thunder in the management to hold the theory (i.e. 20/80 principle), will consider that the question concentrates much with emphasis in important flow, on the important equipment, regarding the non-key flow, the equipment may reduce suitably takes the degree.*Application project management thought the project management, is the project superintendent, under the limited resources restraint, the utilization system’s viewpoint, the method and the theory, the entire job which involves to the project carries on manages effectively. Namely starts the entire process which from the project investment decision finished to the project to carry on the plan, the organization, the direction, coordinated, the control and the appraisal, achieved the project goal. In the practical work, many work need the project management thought the instruction, for example, the power plant, the transformer substation big maintenance job may take a concrete project to carry out. Application project management guiding principle, from time, scope, cost, quality to electric power production project implementation systematization, highly effective management.* PDCA circulation quality improvement management idea the PDCA circulation is improves the product quality, the improvement enterprise management and operation important method, is the quality assurance system revolution basic mode. Any quality activity must undergo the plan (Plan), the implementation (Do), the inspection (Check) and handling (Action) four stages, these four stages circulate unceasingly. In the plan design, is implementing the quality improvement management concept throughout. If in the plan overhaul management, according to equipment’s service craft standard, the consumption rate standard, the hazard point standard and the inspection standards carries on this equipment overhaul task the plan, after undergoing the actual implementation and the inspection work, carries on the appraisal and the summary to the actual processing result, uses for to confirm and to revise equipment’s service craft and so on each standard. Like this undergoes the unceasing improvement, causes equipment’s each standard to be tight throughout with equipment’s actual condition unifies, both can guarantee equipment’s service quality, and can improve the service quality unceasingly, has realized the quality level screw rise.Process control thought plans the comprehensive implementation process control thought that to sent power supply enterprise’s any event from the past only to look that the result changed to the care result cares about the controlled process, integrated process control’s management concept to information system plan each link, decomposed the production work process into the organic synthesis series connected link pitch chain, strengthened the whole control effect, raised the management level.

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