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The PC&WAP Appreciate System of Application in Group and Industry for the Jilin Branch of China-Unicom

Author: LiDeHui
Tutor: WangShengSheng
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: Industry Application Information System Chnina Unicom WAP
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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The PC&WAP Appreciate System of Application In Group and Industry for The Jilin Branch Of China-Unicom was one of the development projects of Jilin university cooperated with Chinese Unicom Jilin branch company, whose major objective was to develop a set of appreciate system with help-yourself style being geared to the needs of all enterprises propagate platform. After a enterprise is registered, the enterprise idea and corporate culture can propagate themselves lifting enterprise’s healthy image overall; You can choose various corresponding business of China-Unicom according to yourself need, for example, browsing with mobile telephone, enjoying various business applying, announcing notices or chatting with the short message by network interaction and so on. In this way a new concept of the enterprise propagates is formed from vision to hearing, making sense of all-direction.The PC&WAP Appreciate System of Application In Group and Industry realizes its target by following project. After being registered in the PC&WAP Appreciate System, the enterprise has its own page. Being the administrator of the enterprise, he has the right to maintain his system with certain operations, such as adding and deleting. The maintaining operation may be achieved after logged on in PC or WAP. From the Appreciate System. The browser can also log in other businesses registered in the China-Unicom.The PC&WAP Appreciate System of Application adopts a method combining PC with mobile phone through the Internet. According to analysis of the current requirement, the system is composed of Web server, DB server and workstation terminals. The System is designed under the Windows OS demanding browser edition IE above 6.0. The DreamWeaver software is mainly used to accomplish the design. The data base adopts Access, but safer data base such as SQL Server, Oracle etc. may be used during the period of reality application. The server is held for Windows 2003 Server + IIS + ASP.I took part in the designation and realization of the key part of this system including constructing the data base and viewing information on the mobile phone. The designation and realization process and involving key technology are emphasized in this essay. 1. Designing DataBaseThe site is divided to two parts, PC and WAP. In the part of PC, administrator of China-Unicom(admin) can manage the user’s information and user’s news with a three-level mode. He has the right to modify normal users, and normal users may manage configuration and news of themselves.The part of WAP does not contain with the backstage management, so I just took part in the design of data bases on user message and news management.In the user administrator table (u_admin), the following fields are mainly included. They are serial ID, user name, password, enterprise name, enterprise abstract, the template ID, Create time, last login time and last login IP.Among these fields, the field ID is the keyword. The site division and sending parameter are mainly based on it.The user name and the password are the judgment condition when logon.The company name and the brief introduction of company will be called from the viewing pagesThe template serial ID, a property of the PC site, is not related here.Creating time, last logon time and last logon IP are saved to maintain the system security.The news table includes the big class table, small class table and news content table, the key one is also the serial user ID. When browsed in mobile, the images will be filtered atomically.The BigClass is distinct by the user ID. The selection”display in the index page”determines whether the BigClass is displayed in the index page. A BigClass may include news without SmallClass.The SmallClass is distinct by both the user ID and the BigClass.2. Coding of view in mobile phoneA free component QuickWAP was used in the part of coding. When coding WAP pages, the QuickWAP component runs more stable, and processes velocity is much faster than using the design pattern of asp+wml. The functions of the QuickWAP component are easy to extend. Additionally, the QuickWAP component may execute the multiple codes mixed with asp, QuickWAP, wml and wmlScript.There are three parts in coding including database connection, WAP configuration and viewing pages. The connection to the data base is coded in the file DBConn.asp in the directory conDB. The function is to create an object of database operating for opening the database file. The path of the file is“../../U_DataBase/U_ChinaUnicom.mdb”. The reason why jump to“../..”is because that the first level is the root of the WAP site, but the WAP site is a directory in the root of the site, named WAP. That is equal to say that mobile and PC are connecting the same database.WAP configuration is to create a unity head and a unity foot file. The head file’s function is to create database object instance and view the basic information of the site. The foot file is to release the instance for the concert of operating database.The displaying pages are composed of three parts. One is to view all the sites, another is to display the site’s index page, and the other is to view news.All registered sites will display in the same page.The index page includes the entire function list, such as the hot news, Notices, news classes, brief, etc.The hot news’function is to view the last 4 news submitted.Notices’function is to view the notices. The notices are often short and instant messages.News class views the BigClass of the site, but no SmallClass.Brief is a constant introduction saved in the database.Friendly links list some common links.By the normal browsing sequence, the user will first browse the news directory. If there are subdirectories in it, they are shown. If there are on subdirectories, the news will be browsed. After entering one subdirectory, all the news headlines in it are listed. Following a certain news the headline and the author and the contents are viewed.All the functions of the PC&WAP Appreciate System of Application In Group and Industry are realized. At present this system has been putting a trying run in Jilin province. But with the development of database and communicating tech, the system will also have new need and innovative idea ceaselessly, such as submit and update database by short message, will be completed in follow-up exploitation. At the same time, I will also obtain driving force on this project and progresses more in new tech and new product.

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