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J2ME-based Mobile Phone Applications and Achieve

Author: HouPinHui
Tutor: ZhangHao
School: Jilin University
Course: Software Engineering
Keywords: J2ME xml MIDP Phone blog
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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On the Information Society in mobile phones and other wireless devices more and more ordinary people into the work and life. With the mobile communication technology and the rapid development of Internet technology, mobile interconnection technology increasingly popular, some of the subsequent emergence of new services. Internet phone has become a basic function. For example, Internet banking, online stock, mobile phone text messaging, mobile commerce, location-based services such as mobile phones to people’s lives convenient, fast, attentive service, be more and more people and the importance of pro-gaze. Based on the J2ME platform for mobile application development software industry also is becoming one of the bright spots and hot spots, and has broad market prospects, many service providers has become a strategic market competition is another battlefield. J2ME technology is the industry’s popular wireless application development platform pillars, based on the J2ME platform to facilitate the use of Java technology in mobile phones to achieve many of the complex functions of the traditional phone software, there are many drawbacks, and the Java technology in the wireless network service Obvious advantages. With the continuous improvement in the performance of mobile phones, mobile entertainment applications market has been gradually clear trend, mobile entertainment applications will be applied after CP Recreation is another important business growth point. Application of cell phone technology will have broad market prospects and great potential for development. BREW initially only for the purpose of the test launch of Qualcomm’s CDMA technology and equipment, and later, found that Qualcomm’s mobile Internet business opportunities will be developed into a BREW application with the J2ME platform competition. BREW main disadvantage with the actual developers much from the J2ME development at home and abroad and, as well as its competitors comparison, we can see that based on the J2ME platform for mobile application development in the past would be a hot spot, and Indeed, it can bring to people’s lives easier. Against this background, the author of the application of mobile technology for the in-depth and meticulous research, design and development of a mobile phone platform based on JZME blog system, the paper-based J2ME platform for mobile application development for the clues were related to theoretical research, Testing and development. First of all, explained the background and significance of research and comparative analysis of the current mobile application development platform for some of the characteristics of architecture through research, you can see the full advantages of the J2ME platform, the final choice for the J2ME platform for the development of the system And details of the technical system development, J2EE platform technology, XML technology, based on the J2ME mobile blog software is built on other technologies on the basis of their support before and have shown their strong advantage; elaborated J2ME platform for mobile phones based on the application of technology solutions, including structural design, as well as mobile client, application server and back-end database system and its relationship with each other; and mobile blog, for example, introduced a system based on J2ME Technology The mobile application design and implementation of technology.J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) in recent years along with a variety of equipment, especially mobile communications equipment and the rapid development of the birth of a new technology development. Its position in consumer electronics applications, intelligent devices, diversification, offers a revolutionary solution, and its "Write Once, Run Anywhere" features of Java and to improve the efficiency of the development.With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, Java features on mobile devices realization, Java applications that cell phones have a value-added services gradually reflect their influence to enrich people’s lives, providing easier access to information plays a role can not be ignored. In today’s era of the popularity of the Internet is a new interactive Web forms, is the blog (Weblog), referred to as the blog (blog), one can have anywhere in the network coverage of the local computer using the Internet to write their own lives or Sentiment, a word can be a log of all, when the log has been uploaded to their own virtual space, others will be able to access, browse or leave comments in this way exchanges become a new way. J2ME-based cell phone technology blog system for the majority of mobile phone users, including the blog network space applications for registration, passwords and personal information changes to make the log, message friends, upload pictures, download music, such as full-featured entertainment tool. For the vast number of "blog fans" to provide a more convenient log on, log on the blog has enriched the way to avoid various inconveniences brought about by the Internet regret, to the maximum to meet the needs of the user. The use of mobile phone systems can blog and other people’s personal blog space users need to be extended to any place, with just a cell phone is available on the Internet you can bring into full play to its context, not by time and geographical advantages and friends anytime, anywhere Family interaction, sharing happiness and promote feelings.The use of the system J2ME client technology development, the use of MVC design model servers, the use of J2ME technology to achieve the characteristics of mobile phone network client and server communications between the use of technology Servlet from client to server to send the information to the appropriate treatment, Data transmission, the return of the results of operations, the use of JDBC technology and database servers connected to the use of MySQL database design and development.This paper focus on J2ME technology, the development of a commercially available mobile communications terminal applications. This application is the main function of the people liberated from the front of the computer, wireless network coverage in place, at any time to write down his own life or sentiment bit by bit, through mobile devices, unlimited mobility issued individual logs, browsing, As well as the revised management, Web logs become the second largest after the people’s aides log push. First of all papers based on analysis of the J2ME mobile phone technology applications research background, the significance of research and study, and then on the J2ME platform for the development of a number of related technologies and tools, but also to mobile blog software, for example, introduced a mobile phone application The program design, function framework, the realization of coding, database operations and so on. Finally, the paper system problems and the need to further improve the work carried out to explore and prospect.

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