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Test-paper Formation and Online Examination System Based on Web

Author: WangLiWei
Tutor: ZhangJiaChen
School: Jilin University
Course: Computer Software and Theory
Keywords: Online Teaching Online Examination Test paper
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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The development of computer applied technology offers a new opportunity for the research and development of educational technology. How to bring the computer and network technology into educational field and serve it become a new subject for all levels and all kinds of schools. With the development and popularization of the network technology, online teaching has already become a focus of education. Test-paper formation and online examination system based on web is the important component part of online teaching. How to develop network-based teaching resources better becomes a problem, which is faced by all kinds of education. This thesis has made a profound study on the systematic design and development of network-based online examination and test-paper formation with regards to the teaching of the universities and colleges. It introduces the principle of development, general planning, design philosophy and the specific operation process of online examination system. This thesis makes a complete description of the respective parts of the design and development of network-based test-paper formation and online examination system in demand analysis, general design, function design, technology scheme and essential system technology etc. We adopt ASP technique, take Microsoft SQL server 2000 as database support, according to three-ply establishment, use B/S model, and exploit the test-paper formation and online examination system based on web. At the end of this thesis, it discusses the existing problems in the system, its future development and the prospect of its application. The aim is using modern educational information technology to establish a new generate platform of test-paper formation and online examination system based on web and explores the system pattern and the theory and technology of the project.The online group volume and the online test system have the flexibility.May complete the online establishment, the management question bank, simultaneously the system also may complete the teacher online to set the topic of a composition manually the combination which sets the topic of a composition stochastically with the computer, online completes the group volume.The system may carry on the verification to examinee’s test qualifications, the system manager may online long-distance set up the test deadline and the test time.The student may use the online test system to carry on the online simulation practice.Tests serves the manager to be possible the online long-distance management examination paper and the answer, the management test result record, the result statistical analysis and to the teacher and student’s registration management.The group volume divides into the hand work team or group volume and the automatic group volume two parts: Hand work team or group volume and automatic group volume.The user submission correlation limiting condition, acts according to these conditions by the system first to set the test question from the great scope internal assignment, later again manually thin chooses the examination paper through the reelection button which produces oneself needs, namely the use existing trial question bank, programmable generates the multi-share examination paper.When group volume, may to each test question which elects carry on the additions and deletions, carries on the adjustment in turn, and may voluntarily stipulate each big (small) the topic score and the examination paper test time.After completes the group volume, the examination paper stores the database.At the same time, to tries the question bank returns information revolution finally to elect the test question the time. The automatic group volume module completely automatically defers to“easy - - difficult”the smooth as well as the user choice information by the system, nimble, extracts stochastically tries in the question bank each kind of test question to compose the examination paper.The examination paper content can the test question change change along with the storehouse in, provides the Rnd function using VBScript to adjust has the random number. The algorithm aspect, the test question attribute and the rule establishment so-called test question attribute, refers is a topic the basic estimate value which in, difficulty, time and a minute value aspects and so on the topic has.Regarding the identical test question, the different teacher to its estimate is different, therefore uses a unified standard to make the quota with difficulty the description.Selected topic besides basis attribute value, but also must act according to the rule the restraint function.In which including partial restraint function and global restriction function.In the supposition examination paper a list selected topic minute value is 20 minutes, then possesses in the test question which selects the list selected topic sum of minute value should be equal to 20.When chooses the test question from the question bank, so long as it own minute value, had in addition when the tired scoring value has not surpassed the predetermined target 20, says from the partial restraint angle, the main subject is may elect, and the cumulative value must increase correspondingly.The online group volume and the online test system reduced teacher’s work load, the convenient teacher to tries the question bank the synthesis management, enables the teacher to be possible to invest the energy into the teaching work in, is advantageous improves the teaching work promptly in the teacher, improves the quality of teaching.Counts student’s test result automatically by the computer, the analysis test situation, enables the teacher to grasp student’s whole study situation promptly, has pointed carries on synthesis counselling.Also is advantageous in the school inspects teacher’s quality of teaching, has saved the massive manpower and the physical resource for student’s evaluation work, causes the management more standardized and the scientific style.The online group volume and the online test system have facilitated the examinee test.Uses this system, may simultaneously implement the multi-gate test in the different place, also may carry on the different type in the identical examination place the test.The online group volume and the online test system enhanced the test standards.It establishes in the network tries the question bank above the foundation the test question topic quantity to be big, the knowledge coverage is broad, moreover each test question all has the difficulty, the content, knowledge classification targets and so on the topic, is manifesting certain teaching goal and the inspection request.Therefore, increased the test standards according to the quantification request establishment examination paper, can obtain the more teaching feedback information. The online group volume and the online test system may renew the examination question as necessary, increased the test question security secrecy.The online test system take accurate, high speed, the network information technology as the method, the realization practice, the test process high automation and the scientific style.The system through the enhancement test efficiency, the enhancement test feedback effect, promulgates the student knowledge ability the partial flaw, causes to teach with study all to have pointed, thus raised the school teaching level, liberates the teacher from the monotonous arduous work, liberates the student from the limitless excessive assignments.Based on above characteristic, network group volume and online test system by nation various universities, colleges and institutes widespread use.Nankai University is using based on three kind of edition test systems, Tianjin University’s partial curricula just carried on the online test the attempt, the Tianjin Professional Technology Normal school’s computer foundation curriculum have used the online test.The partial quality colleges and universities just carried on this aspect the exploration, Tianjin Electronic information Institute just carry on the computer foundation curriculum to try the movement based on the C/S structure test system, received the good effect.Also did in the auto-adapted test aspect has further discussed.Because, along with the networking development, the test system gradually will tend to“the auto-adapted test”, this kind of test system will usually be able to carry on the horizontal checkout to each new user, and according to the test result, will assign a rank to the user, in view of each user’s different rank, will give them the different level the test, when the user will undergo a period of time study, in the level a stair, the system will also be able to give the high-grade test along with it, such system needed to change completely according to the user, has achieved the test automatic adaptation user’s effect.The test system also no longer simple is serves as the test the tool, but will be able to become a study system.Test process, also is the process which a study enhances.At the same time, will be supposed to turn towards the even more network direction to the future computer assistance test system to develop.The hardware popularity, may carry on the browsing, the free downloading test question on the education homepage, carries on in view of oneself level test, functions and so on use computer system automatic production test analysis, moreover makes extremely must the picture be nimble, causes the student under the very relaxed condition the answer paper, on the synthesis application hypertext technology, the net the animation technology and on the network data bank technology development network the teaching system, thus causes a computer better service in the education, finally achieves“humanist”goal.

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