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Afferent fobrous connections of the substantia nigra with the collateral projection from the dorsal raphe nucleus,ventral tegmental area and posterior agranular insular area to the nucleus accumbens and substantia nigra in the rat

Author: ZengQingTang
Tutor: YeJun;TanJinFa;HuangShaoMing;KeMingHua
School: Guangxi Medical University
Course: Neuroanatomy
Keywords: fluomgold hotseradise peroxidase nucleus accumbens substantia nigra retrograde tracing
CLC: R322.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2000
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Afferent fibrous connections of the substantia nigra by a labeling technique of fluorogold(FG) retrograde tracing and dorsal raphe nucleus, ventral tegmental area and posterior agranular insular area arborize to the nucleus ecwnbens and substantia nigra by a double labeling technique of FG retrograde tracing with horseradish peroxidase(HRP) retrograde tracing Inject the FG into one side of the substantia nigra. Following observed the distribution of the retrograde labeled cell, the results were obtained: the FG retrogmd labeled cells were found in the ipsilatcral frontal cortex,temporal cortex, paiietal cortex ,insula, nucleus accumbens, bed nucleus of the siria temiinalis, central amvgdaloid nucleus, septal nucleus, caudate putamen, globiis pallidus, ventral pallidus, entopeduncular nucleus ,parafascrcuJar thalarnic nucleus, ventmlmedial hypolha]amic nucleus ,lateral tubernl nucleus ,supeflor colliculus, lateral part of the mesencephali central gray ,niedial part of the mesencephali central gray, ventral tegmental area,interposed cerebeliar nucleus; bilateral Iiabenular nulceus ,perifomical nucleus .,zona incerta,median raphe nucleus ,dorsal raphe nucleus ,edinger- westphal nucleus ,pedunculoponhine tegmental nucleus ,locus cemleus. Inject the FG into one side of the substantia nigra and inject the HRP into the same side of the nucleus accumbens . Following observed the disiribution of the reirogmde labeled cell. the results ~were obtainedthe double labeled cell with FG and HRP were found in the ipsilateral posterior agranular insular area ,ventral tegmental area and bilateral dorsal raphe nucleus,it is show that collateral projection from each them to the nucleus accumbens and the substanfia nigm.

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