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Author: BaoZuoZuo
Tutor: WuFen
School: University of Foreign Trade and Economic
Course: English
Keywords: 1. Women's self-awareness 2. Patriarchal society
CLC: I106.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2000
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Arthurian legend as a representative of the literature of the medieval knight favored by a large number of men of letters, a few centuries. However, the understanding of the role of women in the work, elaboration and criticism, to stay a long time in the individual to look at women as a collective concept, rather than a distinctive character traits. Moreover, whenever mention of women in the Arthurian legend, always accompanied by words such as \Although, in recent decades, thanks to the emergence and development of feminism, women in the Arthurian legend, the place in literary studies. This study feminist literary critics, however, more focus on revealed and criticized for its survival men rule the world, and women in the Arthurian legend, boils down to the male tool. This undoubtedly is another form of an oversimplification. Studying the Arthurian literature classic works, especially Kerry Chretien de Troyes's Arthurian legend and Thomas Mallory's \the suspect. I suspect that the female characters in the Arthurian legend has been artificially modeled different female characters show personality traits and personality differences in the original work has been completely ignored. I also noticed that the different roles of women have varying degrees or even the nature of self-consciousness. Therefore, in this paper, I chose to self-awareness as classification criteria, divided into three categories according to the strength of the female self-consciousness of women in the Arthurian legend. In this article, the women's self-consciousness defined as: the women realize that they exist as a separate entity and has its own characteristics, the value of the role and mission. Her own behavior and not swayed by outside forces decide based on their own analysis and judgment. And her acting has a clear purpose. Weakest self-consciousness of the first class of female characters. They include Weiner Monrovia, Aesop Jorda, and Lading Na, Aini De and Aye Helena. These roles have the following four characteristics: glamorous appearance, prominent social status, the extreme passive and lack of wisdom. Beautiful appearance is extremely important for this group of women, because they will lose their charm if it were not for the beauty, and \But also because of the beauty, they are destined to become the object of men vent their libido. In the Knights of literature, such women are often knights campaign hormone, is also a reward for the heroic knight Xiao war. Despite the beauty of the female knight literature occupies a very important position, but it was at the lt; WP = gt; Christian ideological dominance it as the antithesis of wisdom and morality. Their second feature, a prominent social status on them of the impact of two aspects: on the one hand, as a privileged class of women, they naturally under the protection of the men lived a food or clothing missing, a comfortable life; another On the one hand, the social status also limits their life circle confined to men protect them and you love them, so they are a matter of concern. The last two features are always interact mutually reinforcing. Passive tame or habitually rely on others to deal with the problem so that they not only lose the opportunity to exercise their own ability, but also so that they naturally lose interest in other things. Lack the necessary intellect and wisdom largely hinder their perception of the world, making them increasingly passive. In the works, this group of women often lose yourself, or extremely passive, completely subordinated to the rule of men, or completely swayed by emotion, unable to extricate themselves. Their lack of self-esteem and their personal power is so weak that their survival is totally dependent on the Knight. They are almost completely lost capacity. They can do is love, it dominates their lives, for which they are willing to sacrifice everything. The second group includes the of Lu Naite, 索赫德默赫 and numerous unnamed woman. They have a strong sense of self, which makes them become independent individuals, rational understanding of chivalry and this spirit. They have enough self-confidence and the ability of the knights and ladies, you can help in a timely manner. In stark contrast to the group of women with the first group. Although they are not as good as the first group of beautiful, eminently, but they exist as the active conduct of individuals: their active not only in their freedom of action, manifested in their initiative to participate in the adventures of the knights, and Such participation is not their own, but purely for the interests of others. Their wisdom to enable them to make the right judgments, and thus they are able to put forward valuable recommendations to protect the interests of their server pensions lady or carry forward chivalry. Their strong self-awareness so that they have the ability to control their feelings, to maximize the protection of the interests of themselves and love. The third group only Morgan Le Fei and Na Miao (the goddess of the lake) two members. These two women have two significant features: magic and a strong self-awareness. Other female characteristics, such as appearance and social status, in this supernatural force in front of the shade. They apparently had over the previous two groups much stronger sense of self. Inform them of their ability to understand what they need, and also know how to fight. In order to protect their own interests, they do anything, even at the expense of the lives of others. In fact, lt; WP = 5 gt; blood relations, social norms and religious ideas they do not have the slightest constraint. Unlike the first two groups of women demonstrated recognition and obedience of the existing value system, this group of women to the part or the whole value system challenges. Needless to say, the Arthurian legend, described in a male-dominated society, inevitable in a subordinate position of women in such a society. But we must also see that the subordinate position of women can still have their self-awareness and personal power. Especially in the discussion, we see the number of people, and of the two groups of far more than the first group, and their role in the story of the development of no less than the first group. When all these women, dominated by passive and susceptible to feelings, initiative and rational, there is a strong disobeys conventional same variety Knight to life in the world of Arthurian legend, we have reason to believe that any kind of try to turn them to be understood as a kind of interpretation are not faithful to the original and biased.

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