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Study on the Biomass and Nutrient Distribution of Different Patterns Vegetation Restoration Stand in Rocky Desertification Area in Shaoyang County

Author: XiangZhiYong
Tutor: DengXiangZuo
School: Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course: Ecology
Keywords: Biomass Nutrient cycling Rocky Desertification Vegetation restoration Shaoyang County
CLC: S718.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Karst rocky desertification as a serious ecological problem of environmental degradation, seriously restricting sustainable local economic and social development, focusing on a new model of development of the concept of ecological development and sustainable development thinking more and more attention and recognition by the international community . With the in-depth development of karst rocky desertification control, vegetation restoration work around the rocky desertification region will become ecologists focus of attention. Forest biomass is one of the indicators of the important functions of the forest ecosystem, have important ecological significance, is the basis of the functional process of energy flow and nutrient cycling in the ecosystem; vegetation Nutrient distribution and accumulation law forest ecosystems The basic characteristics, but also to maintain an important and indispensable aspect of forest structure and function. Therefore, the study of different vegetation restoration patterns stand biomass and nutrient elements, stand structure, reasonable configuration work to develop appropriate silvicultural measures to provide reference data for rocky desertification region vegetation recovery. In this paper, Southwest Hunan typical rocky desertification area (Shaoyang) using a combination of field standard ground investigation and laboratory analysis method for the study, research and analysis side of Shaoyang County Bo Chunlin, Liquidambar oriental arborvitae mixed forest, Liquidambar Chunlin elliottii and Liquidambar forest, pine mixed forest wetland five different vegetation restoration patterns of biomass and nutrient distribution pattern. The main findings are as follows: early, wet pine fastest growing vegetation restoration in rocky desertification and wetlands of the 6-year-old pine Chunlin, average DBH of 7.79 cm, the average height of 5.07 m, maximum biomass, total biomass of 38.66 t · hm-2, which the arbor layer biomass accounted for 91.49% of the understory vegetation biomass accounted for 6.93%, the litter biomass accounted for 1.58%. Side Bo Chunlin total biomass of 7.20 t · hm-2, where the tree layer biomass accounted for 51.39%, understory vegetation biomass accounted for 39.86% of litter biomass accounted for 8.75%. The Liquidambar Chunlin total biomass was 4.30 t · hm-2, where the tree layer biomass accounted for 9.30%; understory vegetation biomass accounted for 86.51%, and litter biomass accounted for 4.19%. The experimentally mixed forest, Liquidambar of Platycladus Orientalis Mixed total biomass of 8.49 t · hm-2, the tree layer biomass accounted for 39.11%; understory vegetation biomass accounted for 48.76%, the litter biomass accounted for 12.13%. Elliottii and Liquidambar mixed forest biomass was 9.19 t · hm -2 , where the tree layer biomass accounted for 18.93%; the undergrowth biomass 60.18%, biomass accounted for 20.89% of litter. Selection through a multi-model, with W = a (D2H) b relative growth method can simulate the rocky desertification area vegetation restoration early oriental arborvitae, Slash Pine various organs and single wood biomass. Tree species in the body of a large number of element contents sorted in five different vegetation recovery mode: side Bo Chunlin, Liquidambar Chunlin mixed forest and P. orientalis Liquidambar: Ca gt; N gt; K gt; Mg gt; P; Slash Pine Chunlin elliottii and Liquidambar Chunlin: N gt; Ca gt; K gt; Mg gt; P. Indicating higher levels of N Slash Pine makes wetlands loose early growing faster. The content of the performance of the relevant large number of elements in the various organs of the vegetation: In addition to Ca, the other a large number of elements in the leaves of content is much higher than in other organs. Five different vegetation recovery mode content of trace elements in the side of the Bo Chunlin and slash pine pure forest Sort: Fe gt; Mn gt; Zn gt; Pb gt; of Cu gt; Ni gt; of Cd in Liquidambar Chunlin in the order: Fe gt; Mn gt; Zn gt; Ni gt; Cu gt; Pb gt; of Cd, sorted in mixed Fe gt; Mn gt; Zn gt; of Cu gt; Pb gt; Ni gt; Cd. Five kinds of different vegetation restoration patterns herbaceous layer in a large number of elements content in the side of the Bo Chunlin order: Ca gt; N gt; K gt; Mg gt; P, sweet gum of oriental arborvitae mixed forest and wetland pine pure forest for: the N gt; K gt; Ca gt; Mg gt; P elliottii and Liquidambar mixed forest, and Liquidambar pure forest: K gt; N gt; of Ca gt; Mg gt; P Distribution of a large number of elements in the herbaceous layer: the nutrient content of the ground gt; underground. Content of trace elements the Liquidambar Chunlin, and the elliottii and Liquidambar mixed forest following order: Fe gt; Mn gt; of Cu gt; Zn gt; Ni gt; Pb gt; Cd, the other 3 plant recovery mode: Fe gt; Mn gt; Zn gt; Pb gt; Cu gt; Ni gt; Cd, trace elements in the various organs of the herbaceous layer allocation rule: the underground part of the higher nutrient content than the content of the aerial parts. Sort of heavy element content of the litter: N gt; Ca gt; K gt; Mg gt; the P trace elements content of the order: Fe gt; Mn gt; Pb gt; Zn gt; of Cu gt; Ni gt; Distribution of Cd, and there are semi-decomposition is greater than the decomposition. The study area vegetation recovery mode side Bo Chunlin, Liquidambar P. orientalis mixed forest, and Liquidambar Chunlin alkaline while elliottii and Liquidambar mixed forest and wetlands, pine Chunlin, the soil is acidic; soil moisture were lower and less, which the uphill bit Liquidambar Chunlin soil moisture minimum, only 18.11%; soil bulk density in descending order: side Bo Chunlin, Liquidambar Chunlin, Slash Pine Liquidambar forest, the wet pine Chunlin, P. orientalis Liquidambar forest, soil porosity opposite. Soil full P all K, total Ca, Mg, full-Fe, Zn, of Cd, fast-acting N and available K content in vegetation restoration pattern differences significant with (p-lt; 0.05), which, soil organic matter and soil full Ca content most obvious difference; different vegetation restoration patterns of soil total N, Cu, Mn, and available P content differences are not significant, only background values ??in soil.

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