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Evaluation and Research on Competitiveness of Biomass Power Enterprises

Author: WeiNa
Tutor: LiQiMing; YiMing
School: China University of Geosciences
Course: Resource industries and economic
Keywords: Biomass Power Enterprises Competitiveness Evaluation
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Because of the energy crisis, countries are seeking renewable energy. Strengthen the development and utilization of renewable energy,not only is the only way to deal with the increasingly serious energy and environmental issues, and the only way to achieve sustainable development of human society."The12th Five-Year Plan" research report of China’s power industry pointed out that we need to increase the proportion of non-fossil energy power generation.actively promote biomass, solar and other renewable energy power generation.Biomass is a solar energy fixed by photosynthesis on Earth.through a series of processes such as machining, transforming its energy into the fuel required for the human.For example, the straw into biogas by fermentation;maize or cassava is processed into fuel ethanol;the use of biomass for power generation, and so on.Compared with fossil energy, biomass energy is not only renewable, and pollution of the environment is very small.Since the biomass is converted into chemical energy in plants through photosynthesis,so in the process of obtaining biomass, not only does not produce the destruction of the surface environment, while absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.Biomass as a new type of renewable energy, has broad prospects for development and utilization,it is an integral part of new renewable energy in the process of development of the electric power industry.As a basic industry of the national product, the power industry has a very important position, and its impact on many industries in the national economy.In the case of depletion of global resources, the power companies need to get rid of resource constraints, to seek new alternative energy, in order to maintain their competitiveness.With sustainable development of science and technology,electricity market competition will become more and more intense.In order to avoid not be eliminated,it is crucial to enhance the core competitiveness.At the same time, in the fierce market competition, the power company’s core competitiveness is the the fundamental and power of continuous development.The development and utilization of renewable energy, as well as the enterprises continuously upgrade of core competitiveness is a necessary condition for the power enterprises to maintain a competitive advantage.lt is in the context of this reality.this paper examines the biomass energy power enterprise in China,and attempts to expand the competitiveness of enterprises in the existing theoretical and research on the theory base,explores the use of new renewable energy sources, seek the path of sustainable development to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises of China’s biomass power.This paper, based on the theory of the competitiveness of enterprises, uses qualitative and quantitative analysis, empirical research and normative research.In the perspective of resources and the environment,it uses the diamond model to analyze the factors affecting the competitiveness of enterprises in China’s biomass power. Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Co., Ltd. as a case, the article was carried out a comprehensive evaluation of the level of competitiveness.On the basis of the conclusions of the analysis, the paper proposes the countermeasures and suggestions to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in China’s biomass power. The main conclusions of the thesis include:First, China’s biomass power industry is in the early stages of development currently.With the contradiction between coal and electricity industries prominent,low-carbon industry needs rapid development,biomass power generation industry is facing good opportunities for development. With the support of the state preferential policies, a large number of biomass power generation enterprises established. But the industry chain of Biomass power generation industry is not perfect, biomass raw materials supply instability is one of the factors that affect the biomass power generation enterprises’ competitiveness.In addition, the thermal power enterprises has a huge market share,and it is the biggest competitor.Opportunities and challenges exist simultaneously,in the strong support of the national government.the challenge will be turned into a driving force to promote the development of biomass power generation industry, to enhance the competitiveness of the whole industry.Second, based on the evaluation guiding ideology and principles, articles build an index system, covering the three dimensions, including a target layer, the five criteria layer and eleven elements in layers and28secondary indicators layers.Subsequently, the paper uses fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to analyze the level of competitiveness of Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Co., Ltd..Analysis showed that compared to traditional power enterprises, Kaidi Electric Power’s overall level of competitiveness at an intermediate level;but there is much room for improvement in the future,which is represented by the renewable of biomass fuels and low-carbon environmental protection.The main factors that affect Kaidi Electric Power level of competitiveness are collection and preservation of biomass fueland and the technical level of the lower.Finally, the paper elaborated to enhance biomass power level of competitiveness suggestions from the national level and the enterprise level. Improve the regulations and policies and refinement of existing policies.provide an institutional guarantee to the students the development of biomass power generation enterprises.Optimization of biomass power industry layout,according to local conditions to set up biomass power generation projects,to prevent blindly investment,to create a good environment for the development of biomass power generation industry.The central government and all levels of government and enterprises should strengthen technological innovation capability, enhance the building of the personnel, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises;develop mature upstream and downstream industry chain and ensure the normal operation of production, reduce production costs and enhance competitiveness.

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