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The Studies of Dynamic Rheological Behavior of Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Their Color Masterbatches

Author: ChenDaHua
Tutor: HuangRui
School: Sichuan University
Course: Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords: PE PP Masterbatch Dynamic viscosity-temperature relationship Dynamic rheological behavior
CLC: TQ325
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2001
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This paper mainly uses the dynamic stress rheometer polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and its masterbatch system dynamic rheological behavior, the resulting main conclusions are as follows: 1. For the first time explicitly put forward the concept of dynamic viscosity-temperature relationship of the polymer melt. The relationship is defined as the temperature changes continuously (non-isothermal processes such as the instantaneous viscosity and temperature dynamic viscosity-temperature relationship. Study the dynamic stress field in the PE and PP melt viscosity temperature relationship in the dynamic and static results show that under our experimental conditions dynamic and static viscosity-temperature relationship and A tired in good agreement with the Arrhenius equation. characterization flexible imaginary viscosity variation with temperature than the characterization of the real number of sticky viscosity variation with temperature much faster. 2. molecular weight lower, dynamic and static The higher the activation energy of viscous flow. higher the frequency, the lower the dynamic and static flow activation energy. 3. to find dynamic stress field HDPE, LDPE, PP melt dynamic viscous flow activation energy is always less than the static activation energy of viscous flow; the higher the molecular weight, the greater the difference between dynamic and static activation energy of viscous flow. 4. discovered the dynamic stress field the abnormal dynamic viscosity-temperature relationship of LDPE and HDPE melt in dynamic temperature scanning process, the higher the frequency, the dynamic viscosity-temperature the higher the temperature of the feature position corresponding to the abnormal relations we considered to be in dynamic stress field in the PE melt exists in the dynamic temperature scan (or formation) some ordered structures, this micro structure with temperature changes lead viscosity with temperature anomalies. 5. studied in detail the dynamic rheological behavior of commercial PE white masterbatch the commercial PE white masterbatch dynamic viscosity with stress decreased with increasing viscosity decrease stress changes step about 6 First found the commercial PE the white masterbatch rheological 6LON time-dependent behavior, and the viscosity of the imaginary number representing the elasticity increase faster over time than the real number of the representative viscous viscosity increases with time and the initial proof of exposure the outer edge of the melt the titanium dioxide TiO to 2 content increasing gradually form an obstacle melt deformation \found that the temperature and the higher the frequency, the time-dependent behavior of the more obvious: the the up leaves time-dependent behavior of the critical temperature (about 200 ℃) and a critical * content (about 3mpt) masterbatch such special macaque system, good big difference between its current capacity and deformation capacity. traditional practices exist to represent the rheological properties of the masterbatch with a melt flow index of Na still or capillary viscosity measured or torque rheometer torque The large one-sidedness, dynamic rheometer research masterbatch masterbatch rheological properties u at first proposed Masterbatch flow deformation capacity characterized by the following two parameters: MFR characterize the flow capacity; dynamic viscosity characterize the deformation capacity. a near u Luan the 20 multiple business injection grade PP ifffoHFyM of Ming good the PP Pit4fK rheological properties of L \u0026 the i $ Dt + ltg8W) IRtoatiMI! lite. The R # 3feiA, MFRQ00t 2.16 kg) R shed is 5 to 10 months aimed blind spoon seven since c J dagger on a cloud Yao plug * accounted month stem (200C, 100rad / S Diao F) Diao Diao F There are more than 1/3 of the month aims to 0 spoon PP masterbatch by the house declared Pottinger giant sound is more easily dispersed.

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