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SSR Analysis of Sugarcane Parents and Construction of DNA Fingerprinting

Author: ZhengYiFeng
Tutor: XuLiPing
School: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Course: Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords: Cane SSR Genetic Diversity Fingerprint Genetic distance
CLC: S566.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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The parent cane crossbreeding and the Cane Breeding genetic diversity help guide the parent selection and portfolio allocation, but also help to expand the genetic diversity of the parent material in breeding programs, at the same time, the construction of molecular fingerprint sugarcane variety rights protection and the basis for identification of genotype, research has important theoretical and practical significance. In this study, using the five pairs of SSR fluorescent markers cited material, 116 sugarcane commonly used pro-this, innovative pro-this or new parent of the conduct SSR markers, build a DNA fingerprint, by cluster analysis of SSR marker data, principal component analysis and genetic similarity analysis, of sugarcane parents genetic diversity. The main findings and conclusions are as follows: (1) 5 pairs of SSR fluorescent labeling, the success achieved on of 116 cane parental genetic diversity analysis, genetic similarity coefficient values ??between all tested clones tested materials The genetic similarity coefficient distribution between 0.725-1.000, achieve genetic similarity quantitative analysis of all the tested materials. (2) The 116 parent materials into common parents and innovation or new parent two types of SSR markers data cluster analysis, principal component analysis and genetic similarity analysis. The results showed that 64 commonly used parental materials for genetic similarity coefficient between 0.730-1.000 in genetic similarity coefficient of 0.823, 64 were divided into 10 groups; 52 innovative parental genetic similarity coefficient of 0.722-0.943 between similarity coefficient 0.808 cutting lines, 52 were clustered into four groups. Principal component analysis showed that the genetic diversity of the two types of parent materials are more rich genetic basis of two types of materials. The parents. And innovation pro-this or new pro this conduct comparison, from the genetic diversity index (h) and incense agricultural index (I) point of view, among the parents of the, respectively, to 0.190 and 0.223, innovative pro-this or new pro of the these two values, respectively, to 0.308 and 0.356 common parent h and I were the only innovation parent or 61.69% and 62.64% of the new parents, innovation parent or new parents with rich genetic diversity. (3) according to the different breeding units, 116 sugar cane parent materials can be divided into sugar Guangdong, Guangxi sugar cane cloud, Funong Yacheng, ROC, HoCP and CP 8 series and other miscellaneous series, these series sugar cane to detect the genetic diversity evaluation between different series of h range between 0.136-0.178, Yacheng highest series (0.178), CP Series lowest (0.136); Series I range 0.181-0.275 , Yacheng series, the highest (0.275), the lowest CP series (0.136), therefore, that the richest the Yacheng series of genetic diversity. (4) tested five pairs of SSR fluorescently labeled primers showed polymorphism. 116 sugarcane clones were amplified and detected a total of 88 allelic variants, each primer pair number of alleles detected 11 -26, the average of each primer pair detected 17.6; SSR markers state information content (PIC) of the variation in the range of 0.753-0.897, PIC average to 0.837 SSR markers has a wealth of polymorphism. (5) successfully constructed based on five pairs of SSR fluorescently labeled primer 114 specific molecular fingerprint of the tested materials, but the use of the test five pairs of primers failed at the molecular level Mintang 90-55 and HoCP93-750 distinguish. Polymorphisms amplified strongest primer SMC336BS for test material 63 were separate. 31 varieties of both the test material and the parents. Clones analyzed their genetic similarity coefficient distribution between 0.541-0.934 construct these clones based on two pairs of primers, DNA fingerprinting and digital atlas.

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