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The Influence of the United States Congress upon the United States-Taiwan Relations

Author: LiChengGong
Tutor: LiZhiDong
School: PLA Foreign Languages ??Institute
Course: English Language and Literature
Keywords: US-Taiwan relations U.S. Congress Taiwan issue Taiwan policy American government Sino-US relations Separation of powers Develop mechanisms Its relations with Taiwan Administration
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2001
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Taiwan has always been China's territory. To achieve the reunification of the motherland is the internal affairs of the Chinese people across the Taiwan Strait. The Taiwan issue should not have a problem and factors affecting bilateral relations between China and the United States. However, due to the complex international and domestic factors, while filling the Taiwan issue become important and sensitive issues in the Sino-US relations. United States directly intervene in the Taiwan issue, China's mid-1949 the remnant forces of the Kuomintang retreated to Taiwan. After the founding of New China, the Truman administration once Kuomintang retreated to Taiwan authorities adopted a \However, the acquiescence of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is about to attack Taiwan organizations take attitude attracted domestic Congress, led by conservative forces to block and resist. On the one hand, Congress passed legislation to continue the KMT authorities assistance; On the other hand, take advantage of every opportunity to criticize the Administration's China policy toward Taiwan. Especially after the outbreak of the Korean War, anti-communist ideology under the banner, the China policy of Congress tend to be more extreme. It can be said that the American legislative bodies in the United States after 20 years with China is determined to a considerable extent \In such a context, the basic strategy of the United States handles its relations with Taiwan is a permanent separation of Taiwan and mainland China. In the 1970s, China and the United States out of the deep consideration of the national interest, to start on some major issues on the strategic cooperation, in order to deal with the global expansion of the Soviet Union. The United States recognizes the Government of the People's Republic of China as the sole legitimate government representing China in the Sino-US Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations. Shortly after the establishment of Sino-US diplomatic relations, the U.S. Congress immediately by the \obstacles for China's reunification cause. After the end of the Cold War, with the enormous changes in the strategic environment, the United States believes that the decline in China's position in its global strategy. To this end, the United States adjusted its policy toward Taiwan, an attempt to enhance US-Taiwan relations, so that the Sino-US relations since 1989, repeatedly crisis. 1992 from the Bush administration began to sell F16 high-performance fighter. 1994, adopted by the United States within a year to improve US-Taiwan relations, and enhance the status of Taiwan have as many as eight programs. In September of the same year, the U.S. government announced that agree with the United States, institutions of Taiwan 'called [U.S. Affairs Coordination Office.> (Coordination Counci of North American Affair) -. - Changed to \by W1ECOllOOC ldcalalR A fCSchD! IVCOffice n the Uited States), increase contacts and exchanges with Taiwan level, which further contributed to Taiwan's independent tendencies 1995, under the pressure of the U.S. Congress, the Clinton administration flagrantly agree with Lee Teng-hui's visit to the United States as a private citizen, thus breaking the commitment of the United States not allow Taiwan's high-level officials to visit the United States for 16 years, causing tensions in the Taiwan Strait, China-US relations back. Throughout the global strategy of the United States, the strategic value of the Sino-US relations is much larger than the US-Taiwan relations in many on the major issues, the two countries share broad common interests Therefore, in the pursuit of strategic interests on the Taiwan issue, the U.S. government will seek to overly stimulate China Taiwan complexity of the problem of China's U.S. policy formulation is a daunting challenge strategist of the great ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu once said, \The mechanism is built on the basis of the separation of powers in international affairs, it is usually the administrative department under the leadership of President as the sole decision-maker of the U.S. foreign policy, that it is not only the U.S. government and politics, but also on behalf of the United States policy. In fact, the U.S. government is a checks and balances by the legislative, executive and judicial mutual struggle for power sector composition, during which not a monolithic history of Congress repeatedly launched an attack on China, adding a lot more difficult for Beijing formulation of U.S. policy. U.S. Congress frequent participation in policy toward China, and the differences between the Congress and the White House, making the study the inner workings of the U.S. government has become an essential issue. This paper focuses on the political and operational characteristics of U.S. government and history Congress the impact of the problem. Firstly, in the first chapter analysis of the role of the U.S. Congress in the foreign policy-making mechanism, powers and checks and balances on the Administration and Congress on foreign policy decisions after the Vietnam War has been enhanced reality thus proposed a way of thinking mode analysis of U.S. foreign decision-0 policy mechanisms \Foreign tactic policy mechanism, there are more than one, independent of each other decision makers, their difference is only the powers of different sizes, varying degrees of influence decisions only the second and third chapters are discussed from the point of view of the analysis of Congress U.S. interference in Taiwan the origin of the problem and its course of development focus on 1949-1950,1978-1979 and 19,941,995 U.S. arms decision transition phase in three phases, the Congress passed the legislation by means of the Administration's Taiwan policy different degree of checks and balances through the analysis of these bills, it can be seen the establishment of the political system on the basis of the separation of powers so that Congress can counterbalance the Administration's policy toward Taiwan: door); (2) legislative and administrative handling of Taiwan there are some differences in the relationship, the resulting conflict; (3) Based on the above two factors, the end result is often a compromise; (4) support the view of the U.S. Congress launched an attack on several occasions to China on the Taiwan issue Taiwan and the mainland contend, the legislative body of the U.S. Taiwan policy is inevitable, and it is very

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