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HMS mesoporous molecular sieve the surface functionalization its alkali catalytic properties of

Author: CaoYuDan
Tutor: YangChun
School: Nanjing Normal University
Course: Physical and chemical
Keywords: Hexagonal mesoporous molecular sieve Surface functionalization Organosilanes Catalytic properties Knoevenagel reaction
CLC: O643.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2002
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Since 1992 Moblie scientists first reported the synthesis of mesoporous molecular sieves , most of the studies reported in ionic surfactant as a template for the synthesis of MCM-41 surface functionality of their application development . Not study the synthesis of mesoporous materials with non-ionic surfactant as the template agent , especially its surface functional in its surface anchoring functional molecules or groups , i.e. by hydrosilylation reaction in order to achieve the surface the purpose of the function , and the catalytic function of sample reports less . In this thesis a primary amine of a non-ionic surface active agent as the templating agent Synthesis of mesoporous zeolite HMS, and then two silicon coupling agent - γ - aminopropyl triethoxy silane ( AM ) , γ - ethylenediamine propoxy trimethoxy silane (ED), by the reaction of a hydroxyl group with the surface silicon surface anchoring , in its basic functional group , the first functional conditions , such as a silicon coupling agent , a function of reaction temperature , functional groups of the the size of the load surface of functional molecules join the system investigated . The results showed that , the increase in the amount of a silane coupling agent , the decrease of the reaction temperature as well as maternal sample increase of channels are conducive to the surface of the functional molecules anchoring . Same reaction conditions in the DDA-HMS precursor of ED load higher than AM, less the amount of load on the ODA-HMS Ed and AM . This paper also functionalized mesoporous molecular sieve catalytic properties of HMS alkali -Knoevenagel condensation reaction of organic reactions were studied in detail . The results showed that in addition to the load amount of a sample of individual high nucleotide , functional samples have a high catalytic activity of the reaction , and the initial activity of the reaction is not only depending on the density of active centers in the catalyst , and the pore structure of the carrier . Large aperture carrier is conducive to the reactants, the diffusion of the product was , therefore , in the high - load , large aperture samples of the sample than the small aperture has a higher activity . Further, the present also the influence of the reaction temperature, solvent , the ratio of reactants and amount of catalyst and other conditions as well as the repeated use of the catalyst was investigated and found that the performance for the reaction solvent effect is not only related to the relative polarity of the solvent and the catalyst ; increase of frequency of use , the catalyst is gradually poisoning and deactivation .

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