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Literature Research on the Treatment of Ploysystic Ovary Syndrome by Bushenhuatanhuoxue Decoction

Author: WangYuNa
Tutor: HouLiHui
School: Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese Gynecology
Keywords: Polycystic ovary syndrome Etiology and Pathogenesis Treatment of recipe Modern TCM literature
CLC: R271.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Objective: To use a combination of literature research and statistical analysis, phlegm and blood circulation method in the treatment of PCOS modern TCM literature study to systematically study analysis to explore phlegm and Activating Blood treatment of PCOS \Designate treatment law. Chinese medicine treatment of PCOS standardized to provide theoretical support. Phlegm Huoxue: by searching analysis of modern Chinese medicine literature for the past 10 years, phlegm and blood treatment PCOS treatment the PCOS \sputum Blood for Treatment etiology and pathogenesis of PCOS and Treatment of theory, the establishment of the Governing Law, prescription compatibility law research. Analysis study of modern physicians treating PCOS understanding of the etiology and pathogenesis of and medication characteristics phlegm and blood, phlegm Huoxue treatment of PCOS pathogenesis, and Treatment Recipe database, and the high frequency of modern Chinese medicine treatment of PCOS drug analysis and organize and analyze the use of the law, and Blood for Treatment of phlegm from which to explore the PCOS the basic Recipe. Capture the overall phlegm and blood in PCOS clear drug and prescription basis for future clinical and scientific research. Results: Retrieval of effective literature to 91, combined with literature research and traditional Chinese medicine theory, the following results were obtained: cause analysis: kidney (91, 100%), blood stasis (75, 86.2%), phlegm (68, 78.16 %), spleen (39, 42.86%) mainly; Governing Law analysis to the kidney (91, 100%), blood (78, 85.71%), phlegm (69, 75.82%), spleen (37 times, 40.66%); symptoms: menstrual delayed (213 cases, 19.07%), infertility (280 cases, 25.07%), obesity (163 cases, 14.59%) common; frequency Drugs: Dodder (74, 64.35%), Angelica (66,57.39%), Epimedium (57,49.57%), Rehmannia (56,48.70%), Poria (43,37.39%). Conclusions: (1) The present study demonstrates PCOS kidney, blood stasis, phlegm three basic cause kidney for root disease (yang mainly), phlegm became standard, is a deficiency mixed Permits. Diseased organs involved in the kidney, spleen, liver dirty. (2) phlegm and blood therapy to kidney deficiency, phlegm and became the standard treatment of PCOS Dafa, is consistent with the tutor Professor Hou Lihui \(3) The study found that the treatment of PCOS patients phlegm and blood Dafa, delayed menstruation, infertility, obesity, waist and knees, pale dark, tongue petechia, slippery pulse as the main symptoms. (4) data through commonly used drugs for the treatment of PCOS clinical application phlegm Huoxue frequency analyzes: high-frequency sequence of tonic class class of blood stasis, phlegm dampness class. The tonic class of high-frequency drug Dodder, Angelica, Epimedium, Rehmannia, Morinda; blood circulation class of high-frequency drug Chuanxiong, red sage root, red peony, peach kernel, Dan, Achyranthes, safflower, motherwort; technology phlegm dampness class of high-frequency drug Poria, Pinellia, bile Southern Star, soap thorn, herb. (5) \.

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