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An Episode in Chinese Immigration to the U.S.A San Francisco Angel Island Immigration Station

Author: LiuLingChen
Tutor: WangXianMing
School: Tsinghua University
Course: Modern Chinese History
Keywords: Sino-US relations U.S. Overseas Exclusion Plan Chinese immigrants Angel Island Laborers
CLC: K712.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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In the 1960s, the United States, after the development of civil rights activists, the American people recognize that a new cultural identity: the \Here refers to the American national people, or from a variety of different national, ethnic, and cultural background of the American people are. In the last four decades, the American people finally accepted and even began to celebrate their country as a multi-ethnic and cultural backgrounds historical base. Of course, the \However, in China, the Chinese people have all this still did not fully understand, or simply can not accept the ethnic Chinese or Chinese will become \Their concept is still stuck in the old \In addition to individual historians and scholars to understand contemporary Chinese Americans outside of this role, the majority of Chinese people look at Chinese-American Shihai is: a miracle, Mixed hybrids, cash cow, fake foreigners can use to make the Pro Street friends can go abroad Blissful stepping stone, or a mixture of these types of identity. Era of peace, Chinese Americans can double as a representative of Sino-US bilateral be commended. But once the discord between the two countries, the Chinese-American will be used as a scapegoat for each country: both sides can not trust the enemy idol. Of course, the Chinese-American also has his own troubles. Every New American immigrants, including Chinese immigrants, have concealed his hardship and struggle. Chinese folk tradition more afraid of losing face in front of outsiders, put his most glorious side placed in front of others, and promote a new generation's people trying so hard to emigration mood. Older immigrants not only sparked a new generation of immigrants glorious feeling, and that they had no one's own ability to meet the actual expectations. Therefore, today's \Of course, unlike the 1848 U.S. gold rush years of migrant workers across the ocean, and now a new generation immigrants mostly in China from the rich and powerful family, belonging to middle and upper class white-collar Chinese immigrants. They also like the old-timers, these new immigrants also have an immediate success abroad will be able to dream of getting rich. China nearly one hundred and fifty years until now, able to go abroad in the eyes of the people is so good pieces worthy of admiration, make others jealous of luxury. The year 2000, after returning home, I quickly see that Chinese people on the Chinese-American misunderstanding and prejudice. If you allow the Chinese people to accept Chinese-American two-party shared this unique identity, you must first talk about the history of Chinese in the United States. The following paper is from the dark history of Chinese immigrants in the United States the scene: San Francisco Angel Island Immigration talking about local history. Hope that through these early twentieth century immigrant experience manipulation we are much more understanding and knowledge of Chinese immigrants, and also remove some of the misconceptions and prejudices against Chinese Americans. Books in this area in recent years, the United States, published more, but less in mainland China. U.S. out of the history books either from the lt; WP = 4 gt; U.S. multi-national history as a background or theme from local history as more objective, but also to consider the issue from both sides. Most of the domestic literature from the \I hope that scholars such as the United States from a more objective point of view, from the lessons of history in the new generation of Chinese to explore the problems of foreign immigrants. Also hope to further re-introduced to the Chinese people, \

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