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Isolation and Study on the Biological Characteristics of Probiotics from Piglets Intestine

Author: ZhangLiFang
Tutor: TianHongTao;WangZhanWu
School: Agricultural University of Hebei
Course: Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
Keywords: Diarrhea Probiotics Isolation and Screening : biological characteristics Antibacterial Mechanism Cheap medium
CLC: S852.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2005
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Diarrhea is one of the major diseases affecting the survival rate of piglets Resources reported that lead piglet deaths accounted for 39.8% of the total number of piglet deaths due to diarrhea. , Prevention and treatment of diarrhea in piglets use of antibiotics, but the generation of resistant bacteria, antibiotics pollution problem has aroused great attention. Probiotics (also known as probiotic preparations) in the prevention and treatment of intestinal diseases, not only safe, no residue, no resistance, as well as improve feed utilization, promote animal growth, improve product quality, such as the role of home and abroad research focus, but low control efficiency and the use of high cost bottleneck toward practical. This study aimed to significant control effect, screened from piglets the preparation production performance probiotic strains, and to study their function and biological characteristics, is the piglets dedicated efficient probiotic formulations developed to provide material and technical support. Benefit of lactic acid bacteria and pathogenic E. coli growth medium screening study. Nutrient broth-based medium, single factor screening test used seven kinds of nutritional factors, clear glucose and Tween two substances conducive to the growth of lactic acid bacteria and pathogenic E. coli in meat add two substances the soup medium, the number of viable cells of lactic acid bacteria and pathogenic E. coli can be reached more than 1 × 10 8 cfu / mL. L 9 3 4 orthogonal test, screening the best medium for the growth of lactic acid bacteria and pathogenic E. coli combination of its medium formula: beef extract 0.9 %, peptone 0.7%, Tween 0.1%, 1% glucose. By plate pour method, 128 strains of lactic acid bacteria from feces were isolated from different locations, different varieties, different day-old healthy piglets. Pathogenic E. coli K88, K99 combat target screening strains with strong antibacterial activity 25; comparison by acid and bile tolerance, growth rate, and other biological characteristics, determine the number 1-3 strains the best overall performance. 1-3 strain was identified is a Lactobacillus pentosus (L.pentosum). The growth temperature of the bacteria is 15 to 42 ° C, the growth pH 4 to 9; optimum growth temperature of 37 ° C, the optimum pH is 7. The the 1-3 viable agents prevention of diarrhea in vivo test. 90 produced eight healthy Landrace piglets as experimental material, randomized the diarrhea prevention trials blank control. Results ,1-3 viable preparations the diarrhea prevention group was 8.51% and 78.57% in the control group, the difference was significant (p lt; 0.01). The blank group suffered from diarrhea piglets treatment comparison test gentamicin as control. Results ,1-3 preparation treatment group total effective rate was 100%, the cure rate was 76.47%, the average treatment 5d; gentamicin treatment group was 93.75%, the cure rate of only 31.25%, the average treatment 6d, the difference significantly (P lt; 0.05). In addition, compared with the control ,1-3 preparations prevention of piglet state of mind is good, shiny coat, stool molding; continuous gavage the lactobacillus two days (once / day) even if the individual suffered from diarrhea, can be cured. Preliminary study of 1-3 strains inhibitory mechanism. MRS fermentation broth 1-3 strain, fermentation filtrate in and filtrate antibacterial test. Result, the antibacterial activity of the fermentation broth and fermentation filtrate no significant difference showed that of 1-3 strains antibacterial substances for extracellular metabolic products; still in and filtrate antibacterial activity, In addition to lactic acid, as well as other non-acid suppression bacterial substances, specific categories and structures need further investigation. Fermentation broth at 70 ° C, 100 ° C, 121 ° C processing 20nin have antibacterial activity, indicating that the antibacterial substance has a heat resistance. Inexpensive screening test proliferation medium. Tomato and Hu were cheap, the annual supply of long

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