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Geographical Theory and Practice of Effective Teaching

Author: WuJinJu
Tutor: GuoJian;ZhouLi
School: Guangzhou University
Course: Subject Teaching
Keywords: Effective teaching Geography Activities Construction
CLC: G633.55
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The concept of effective teaching have been proposed for many years in foreign countries, and its prosperity and development in China coincided with the overlap time the new curriculum reform, development and change with the times, society is also constantly changing demands of its people to continuously improve, there need to develop and enrich the connotation of effective teaching, this article firmly adhere to the value of educating people geography, rich content of effective teaching:effective teaching, which focuses on the lifelong development of students, teaching and effective teaching should be a lot more, and constantly develop and adapt the level of development and understanding of knowledge and skills, effective teaching is based on the students, for students, promote student learning and development of teaching, but also to pay attention to the emotional experience of students and changes to achieve a learning experience and enjoy process, combined with individualized methods of evaluation, evaluation of students, show students a wide range of talent.This study used literature review and field investigation and analysis of empirical research and normative research, the formation of the hypothesis to the verification of ideas.This article is divided into five parts, a total of six chapters.The first part is the first chapter, the main theories of effective teaching and effective teaching of geography to review and comment, identify problems and put forward their own research questions.The second part is the second and third chapters, the connotation of the expansion of effective teaching, mainly about the understanding of effective teaching, as well as the main guiding principle of this article.The third part is the fourth and fifth chapter is the focus of this paper, the implementation of strategies to promote effective teaching geography and methods of focus from the knowledge and skills, processes and methods, attitudes and values breakthrough in three aspects, combined with the early development of the times high school physical and psychological characteristics of students to carry out geography teaching - drawing mind maps, organize the students to puzzle contest, making a small globe, making the river landscape models, and evaluation of students, using a variety of evaluation; teacher development, teaching and learning, effective teaching but also promote the progress of teachers.The fourth part of ChapterⅥis the conclusion of this article.Breakthrough strategy mind mapping mainly teaching to enhance students ability to quickly extract information, knowledge and grasp of important exercise; enhance the students knowledge and understanding of the formation of knowledge networks to improve teaching effectiveness; improve their aesthetic ability of students of beauty culture, reflecting the value of educating people teaching in the knowledge internalization and externalization of the process of mutual transformation, the formation of learning knowledge, process knowledge, using knowledge of the virtuous cycle.Well-well-designed geographic activities, geographical puzzle contest for student learning, collaboration between students and exchange students from the classroom extends to the extra-curricular, teaching short-term and long-term effects of the combination of teaching effectiveness, improve their humanities, for students into the community to prepare.The production of a small globe, will translate into concrete physical space of things to enhance the spatial imagination of students, outlined the importance of latitude and longitude lines, strengthening the spatial orientation and training students to learn the ability to do things, and grasp the key things, the successful completion of tasks; small Globe production will translate into concrete physical space of things to enhance the spatial imagination of students, outlined the importance of latitude and longitude lines, enhance spatial orientation.River landscape model making, students learn to build their own "stand", inspire and guide students to further understanding of the problem, the students build geographical models in person, and enhance the visual teaching, improve teaching effectiveness. If the use of such in the teaching of geography teaching and learning methods, teachers and students will be of great help.Enable students to build self-learning process, students hands-on, observation, ability to cooperate with others, so that the quality of all aspects of the students have been training, and ultimately to achieve the purpose of educating people to enable students to better adapt to future development of this strategy objectives.From the practical significance of effective teaching to enhance and expand the meaning of effective teaching, effective teaching is not only to judge student performance standards, more importantly, students benefit from life skills, increase students experience sexual experiences, to learn knowledge, the use of knowledge, feel the joy with people, enjoy the charm of knowledge, is the effective teaching, effective teaching, effectiveness of teaching.

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