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  1. Study on Synthesis and Biological Activity of Phenoxyacetamide Derivatives Type Ⅲ Secretion System (T3SS) Inhibitors,ZhangChengFang/Changzhou University,0/11
  2. Catalytic Kinetics and Process for Efficient Saccharification of Cellulosic Materials by Cellulase,XiaDongQin/Changzhou University,0/33
  3. The Synthesis of New Type Carbon Nanocomposites and the Study of the Glucose Sensors,DingNiNi/Changzhou University,0/15
  4. Study on Rapid Electrochemical Determination of Contraband Food Pigment Addictives,WangMeiLing/Changzhou University,0/16
  5. Solvent-Templated Self-assembly of Coordination Polymers with Halogenated Aromatic Carboxylates: Syntheses, Structures and Properites,QinJing/Changzhou University,0/4
  6. Investigation on Methodology for the Synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles,DongChunPing/Changzhou University,0/20
  7. Research on the key Issues in Personalized Recommendation Based on SNS,SunZuo/Changzhou University,0/79
  8. Research on Wavelet Detection Algorithm and DSP Implementation for Fabric Defects,XuMingZuo/Changzhou University,0/37
  9. The Improved Isometric Feature Mapping Algorithm with Its Application,LiuAiPing/Changzhou University,0/50
  10. Studies on the Synthesis and Properties of Nanocrystalline Sili Con Thin Film Solar Cell,YeFeng/Changzhou University,0/206
  11. Template Synthesis of Electrode Material for Novel Superca-pacitors and There Electrochemical Properties,GaoLan/Changzhou University,0/86
  12. Design and Analysis for Parallel/Hybrid Mechanisms Used for Optical Inspection Platforms,WangZuo/Changzhou University,0/26
  13. Preparation of Organic Amines and Quaternary Ammonium Salts Intercalated α-Zirconium Phosphate Compounds and Their Application in Adsorption of Phenolic Compounds,YaoWei/Changzhou University,0/59
  14. Research on Separation, Identification and Application of Ammonifying Bacteria from Biological Aerated Filter Reactor,ZhaoZuoZuo/Changzhou University,0/32
  15. Study on Flue Gas Desulfurization Using Membrane Absorption and Membrane Distillaiton Technology,HanYongJia/Changzhou University,0/79
  16. Pervaporation Membranes Selection and Preparation, and Hybrid Process Development for Recovery of N, N-dimethylformamide from Synthetic Leather Waste Water,HanGuangLu/Changzhou University,0/50
  17. Study on Degradation Mechanism of Printing and Dyeing Wastwater by Ozone Oxidation and Its Aplication,HouHaiFeng/Changzhou University,0/136
  18. Effects and Mechanisms of Electric Fields on Pack Cementations,SunLi/Changzhou University,0/31
  19. A Study on QPQ Salt Bath Composite Processing for45Carbon Steel and304Stainless Steel,CaiWei/Changzhou University,0/104
  20. Preparation of Zeolite Composite Membranes and Applications in DMF/H2O Mixture Separation,ZhangHuanRu/Changzhou University,0/62
  21. Screening for α-Oxophenylacetonitrilase and Its Application,ZhouQiong/Changzhou University,0/38
  22. Preparation and Application of Hyaluronic Acid-based Electrospun Nanofibers,LiuYang/Changzhou University,0/54
  23. Research on the Nonlinear Varistor Ceramics Based on Nano-Zno-Pr6O11,LiGang/Changzhou University,0/29
  24. The Densification of NaNbO3-KNbO3-Based Lead-free Piezoelectirc Ceramics by Air Pressure Sintering,JiangNa/Changzhou University,0/58
  25. Study on Electrochemical Sensors for Phenolic Compounds,ChenXiaoHui/Changzhou University,0/74
  26. Controlled Synthesis and Properties of Non-rigid Core-shell PS/CeO2Composite Microspheres,LuJinXia/Changzhou University,0/22
  27. Mechanistic Study of Self-initiated Catalytic Oxidiative Polymerization of (N,N-dialkylamino)ethyl Methacrylate,SongZuo/Changzhou University,0/39
  28. Enantioselective Recognition of Amino Acids Based on Molec-ul Arly Imprinted Polyaniline Electrode Column,NiHua/Changzhou University,0/58
  29. The Synthesis of Branched Polymer via SET-LRP,ZhengYiLiang/Changzhou University,0/31
  30. Synthesis and Characterization of Poly (3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) Dispersions,LiuShuYing/Changzhou University,0/89
  31. Study on Preparation Technology of SiO2Antireflective Coatings by Sol-Gel Process,WangJianWu/Changzhou University,0/92
  32. Research on Environmental Microorganisms for Indicating Oil and Gas,WangWanMeng/Changzhou University,0/38
  33. Isolation, Identification of Microcystin Degrading Bacteira and Algae-lysing Bacteria and Protoplast Preparation of T1Strain,LiQiuYan/Changzhou University,0/71
  34. Determination of Properties and QSAR/QSPR Study for Oxygen-Containing Organic Compounds and Sulfur-Containing Organic Compounds,ChenJianTing/Changzhou University,0/74
  35. Study of Experiments and Thermodynamics and Kinetic Models of Natural Gas Hydrate Formation in the Diverse and Complex Systems,SongZuo/Changzhou University,0/66

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