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  1. The Comparison of the Vat System Beteen China and Taiwan,ZhangSiYuan/Wenzhou University,0/69
  2. Research on the Promotion of Private Enterprises' Party Construction to Its Sustainable Development,FuYingJie/Wenzhou University,0/69
  3. Research on China's Contemporary Love Guidance Play,WangJing/Wenzhou University,0/53
  4. On the Pragmatic Strategies Adopted in International Varsity Debate,ChenJinMei/Wenzhou University,0/35
  5. A Tentative Research on the Public Welfare Power of the Civil Taiwan Art Education and the Inspiration to Mainland China,XiangYuanHao/Wenzhou University,0/59
  6. Study on Synthesis of Paana and It's Application in High Exhaustion Chrome Tanning,HuChangAn/Wenzhou University,0/91
  7. Arene Ruthenium (Ⅱ) Diamine Complexes Containing5-fluorouracil: Synthesis and Structure-activity Relationship,LiXianChuan/Wenzhou University,0/33
  8. Synthesis and Properties of Alkaline-rare Earthsilicate Phosphor with Oxyapatite Structure,ShiWei/Wenzhou University,0/32
  9. Third-Order Nonlinearity of Pb or Sb Nanoparticles Doped Sodium Borosilicate Glass,LuoHongYan/Wenzhou University,0/9
  10. The Preparation and Third-order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Ag、Cu Quantum Dots Doped in Glass,ZhaoXiuLi/Wenzhou University,0/38
  11. Determination of Adsorption Isotherm of4-chlorobenzhydrol Enantiomers on Chiralpak AD Column and Its Simulation Study on Separation on Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography,SunYuGao/Wenzhou University,0/31
  12. Study on the New Cyanide Source in Copper-catalyzed Cyanation,ZhengKui/Wenzhou University,0/30
  13. Electrochemical Preparation and High Performance of Palladium Nanocatalysts with Special Wettability,WangDeMeng/Wenzhou University,0/31
  14. Studied on the Catalytic Performance of Mesoporous Mordenite Supported Pd Species for Bulky Molecule's C-H Bond Activity,PengPanPan/Wenzhou University,0/14
  15. Studies on the Transition Metal-catalyzed Cyanation and Arylation of Arene,RenXinYi/Wenzhou University,0/36
  16. Preparation, Characterization of Heterojunction Photocatalyst with High Activity under Visible Light Irradiation,DengYongYong/Wenzhou University,0/164
  17. Preparation and Mechanism of Noble Nanostructures and Their Catalytic Performance Study,WangWenFang/Wenzhou University,0/90
  18. The Study of Synthetic Method for Functional Coordination Compounds,ChenZuo/Wenzhou University,0/84
  19. Solvent Effects on Enthalpic Pairwise Interactions of Small Biomolecules,JiaZhaoPeng/Wenzhou University,0/12
  20. Investigation on Enthalpic Pairwise Interactions of Biological Model Molecules,ChengWeiNa/Wenzhou University,0/8
  21. The Research on Non-thermal Effects Mechanism and Regularity of PET Hydrolysis Process under Microwave Irradiation,ZuoHongMei/Wenzhou University,0/14
  22. Preparation of Keratin-PUA Hybrids,LuoHaiBo/Wenzhou University,0/27
  23. Synthesis and Properties Research of Fluorinated Acrylate Copolymer Latex,GaoXiuYun/Wenzhou University,0/175
  24. Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations of the Self-assembly of Rod-coil Block Copolymer in Solution,ZhangRuiFen/Wenzhou University,0/28
  25. Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Coordination Polymers with Flexible Bis(Imidazole) Ligands,HuangBiFeng/Wenzhou University,0/121
  26. Study on the Synthesis of Heterocycles by Palladium or Copper-catalyzed Cyclizations,SunLeiLei/Wenzhou University,0/66
  27. Study on the Synthesis of Indoles by Transition Metal Catalysis,LiuZuo/Wenzhou University,0/40
  28. Studies on the Copper-Catalyzed Synthesis of Quinazolinones,DuanFuJun/Wenzhou University,0/47
  29. Studies on Synthesis of3-substituted Benzofuran Derivatives via Electrophilic Cyclization under Green Conditions,HanJiangSheng/Wenzhou University,0/13
  30. The Research and Application of Tertiaryry Amine in Reaction of Triphosgene with Nucleophilic Reagent,ZhouShuGuang/Wenzhou University,0/36
  31. Prepartion and Property Investigations of Order-DIS Order Molecular Phase Change Crystal Materials,JiChengMin/Wenzhou University,0/10
  32. Lewis Acid-catalyzed Coupling Reaction,WangMengKe/Wenzhou University,0/20
  33. Study on the C-S Coupling Reactions of Indoles Compounds at C-3Position,ZhouXiaoZuo/Wenzhou University,0/31
  34. C-H Functionalization of N-hetero Compounds,ZhaoDongYun/Wenzhou University,0/17
  35. Study on Copper-participated Cyanation,YuPeng/Wenzhou University,0/77
  36. Studies on the Transition Metal-catalyzed Desulfitative Cyanation and Formylation Rection,ChenJianBin/Wenzhou University,0/8
  37. The Synthesis of Conjugate Eneynes and Preparation of2-(Arylthio)Arylcyanamides,ShaoYinLin/Wenzhou University,0/10
  38. The N-heterocyclic Carbene-palladium(Ⅱ)-1-methylimidazole Complex Catalyzed α-arylation of Ketones,XiaoZhengKang/Wenzhou University,0/24
  39. N-heterocyclic Carbene-palladium-1-methylimidazole Complex Catalyzed Hiyama Reaction and C-H Bond Arylation of Bezimidazoles Involvingaryl Chlorides,GuZhengSong/Wenzhou University,0/23
  40. Studies on Transition Metal-catalyzed Reactions of Organoborane Reagents with Nitriles/Nitroarenes,WangXingYong/Wenzhou University,0/28
  41. Synthesis and Charcteristics Research of Low-molecular-weight Organogel Based on Phenylboronic Acid,ZhouChaoYu/Wenzhou University,0/76
  42. Regioselectivity-reversed Asymmetric Aldol Reaction of1,3-Dicarbonyls,LiuHongZuo/Wenzhou University,0/37
  43. Developing Methods for Oxidation of Alcohol and Applications in the Green Synthesis of Imines and Chalcones,TianHaiZuo/Wenzhou University,0/54
  44. Studies on Transition-metal-catalyzed Formation of C-O and Desulfurization Arylation,LiLiPing/Wenzhou University,0/20
  45. Mercury Speciation Analysis in Environmental Sample by HPLC-AFS Conbined Technique,SongZuoZuo/Wenzhou University,0/117
  46. Green Synthesis and Application of CdSe Quantum Dots,LiuSiLing/Wenzhou University,0/68
  47. Controlled Synthesis and Properties of Copper-Based Nanomaterlals,KongLiNa/Wenzhou University,0/39
  48. Properties Adjustment and Applications of Carbon Quantum Dots,ZhangYanQing/Wenzhou University,0/337
  49. The Research of Leagl Regulating about the Development of Marine Resources Undering Ecological Theory of Marxist,WangZhuZhu/Wenzhou University,0/24
  50. The Study of Long-range Correlated Dynamics and Controllability of Boolean Networks,XuPeng/Wenzhou University,0/27

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